18 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas To Get Inspiration From

Halloween is around the corner! Some people have worn awesome costumes.

People love celebrating Halloween. Even though the tradition has changed throughout the years, people seem to be spending roughly $3 billion on Halloween costumes this year.

However, others save some money and create their costumes by themselves. Some of these costumes are so creative that it seems that the preparations for them have started months before Halloween.

Viral Strange has collected 18 DIY costumes that are creative, funny, and awesome! Get some inspiration!

1. Happy Halloween?

© amlarson1111 / Reddit

2. Both photos are me, two years and 220 pounds lighter. Luigi-time!

© Kureiton84 / Reddit

3. After getting hit by a car this year, I thought this was the only appropriate costume for Halloween!

© sushicats / Reddit

4. “Jon Snow White” meets “Snow White Walker”

© GenghisKhaleesi / Reddit

5. I made a storm cloud costume! The lights flash like lightning and I walked around with my storm simulator app playing rolling thunder sounds

© ktorrr / Reddit

6. My son’s Young Maleficent costume I’ve been “working on” for two years was finally finished by his mom just in time for Halloween.

© Bulok / Reddit

7. Our city councilor and his daughter went as him and she dressed as him.

© i_never_ever_learn / Reddit

8. My friends and I did 8 different Britney Spears in drag for Halloween this year. #freebritney

© Wilsonahrens / Reddit

9. All my coworkers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. I’m the only one to go through with it.

© Papa_Skittles / Reddit

10. My 11-year-old daughter is Sir Elton John. Saturday night’s alright for frightening!

© Fuzzylogic1982 / Reddit

11. My Halloween costume! I’m a gamer grill!

© the_mess_express / Reddit

12. Ace Ventura! My daughter really got into character this Halloween. LOL. How’d we do?

© tfarinazo / Reddit, © Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Warner Bros

13. My family’s Big Lebowski Halloween!

© Jdphotopdx / Reddit

14. I found out my Goddaughter was going as Sonic for Halloween but was sad she couldn’t go anywhere. So I made an Eggman costume and drove to her house for a mini party.

© Elainamain / Reddit

15. Never gonna give you up

© Official Rick Astley / Youtube, © May-o-Nayz / Reddit

16. Halloween 2020

© hilernothitler / Reddit

17. I had hip surgery on Wednesday, so great timing for a Nancy Kerrigan costume

© ho_grammer / Reddit

18. My sweet boy rats helped me make my Halloween costume a bit more realistic

© p***yforpresident / Reddit

Which one did you fancy most? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Awat Dhahir

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