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18 Mysteries That Were Solved Immediately

Once again humans proved that can solve anything through good thinking and persistence

When humans group and work together they could make anything possible and solve any mysteries out there, so did our friends from Reddit who proved again that can solve any mysterious case they come by. So if you are ever wondering what is the purpose of any object you have seen through your life and don’t know the answers, just ask people from Reddit and the response would me swiftly.

We at Viral Strange found 18 mysteries that many couldn’t solve and people from social media came together for an immediate response.

1. What is this object at the construction site with a handle?


The Answer:  Airflow meter for HVAC to help balance the system.

2. Iron frying pan with a raised flat surface in the middle of it


The Answer: It was made for making giant Donuts

3. What is the purpose and use of this silver spoon?


The Anwer: It was used for the measurement of dried tea from the tea caddy where it was stored.

4. This tube was found in a rental car with a + and protrusions on the side


The Answer: It is an emergency gas funnel

5. What purpose this loop have inside my jacked near the sleeve?


The Answer: It is for the belt

6. An angled glass bowl on a wooden pedestal, what is it?


The Answer: It is used to form terrariums

7. What is this tweezer used for?


The Answer: It is used to squeeze lemon slices and catch their seeds

8. What is the purpose of this weird key?


The Answer: It is a key to bypass wards on a tubular lock

9. Strange deck of cards with random holes on the cards


The Answer: There are Gaff Deck and are usually used for magic tricks

10. What is this strange wrapped car I encountered during my driving?


The Answer: The wrapping purpose is to hide the car from people seeing it during test driving because that is a new model that is expected to be launched shortly.

11. What is this microchip inside my new bras that I just bought?


The Answer: New age ”healing” thing, just like magnetic bracelets

12. What is this thing I found on the side of the road? It was made from marble.


The Answer: It is a lipstick organizer from Anthropologie

13. Found this in a UK home, what is it?


The Answer: It is part of a ventilation and dehumidifier system

14. What is the purpose of this weird electronic key?


The Answer: It is a key for an engine immobilizer system

15. What is this cast iron look-alike object is used for?


The Answer: It is an old lantern lighter

16. What is this metal kitchen device is used for?


The Answer: This object is an egg poacher

17. Strange chair with a hole in it


The Answer: This chair is used for sitting on a spinning wheel

18. We had a conversation about this object and couldn’t decide what it is.


The Answer: This object apart from the adult toy is a lemon juicer

Written by Igli Ismolli

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