2 year old boy insists Beyonce is his friend, she sends him flowers

Despite his mother’s explanations, two-year-old Tyler fervently insists that pop superstar Beyoncé is his friend, leading to Beyoncé’s team reaching out to send him gifts and officially solidifying their friendship.

Two-year-old Tyler, the son of content creator Bea Fabregas and radio host Nikko Ramos, gained widespread attention on social media for his persistent inquiries about pop superstar Beyoncé, fervently asserting her as his friend despite his mother’s efforts to clarify otherwise.


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In a viral video, Tyler repeatedly questioned Bea about Beyoncé’s whereabouts and expressed his desire to meet her, leading Bea to explain that Beyoncé doesn’t live in the Philippines and isn’t personally known to them.

However, Tyler remained unwavering in his belief, insisting, “She’s our friend, Beyoncé is my friend.”



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When Bea asked if Tyler could introduce her to Beyoncé, he confidently replied in the affirmative. Although Bea tried to appease Tyler by suggesting they might meet Beyoncé in the future, the video ended with Bea playing Beyoncé’s songs for Tyler, acknowledging that it was the best she could do for him at that moment.

The video quickly went viral, reaching Beyoncé’s team, who were moved by Tyler’s unwavering devotion.

On Wednesday, April 24, Bea updated her followers that Beyoncé had seen the viral video and her publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, reached out to them to send a gift to Tyler. Sharing photos of Tyler posing with a green stuffed animal and a bouquet of blue flowers, Bea joyfully announced, “Beyoncé and Tyler are now actually officially friends.”

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