20 Powerful Tips On How To Move On

Moving on is the hardest part after a failed relationship. You do not know where to start because everything seems so uncertain. You do not truly know how to feel because everything seems not to make sense at all. You feel the endless pain, and everything is falling apart. But how do you start picking up the pieces of your heart again?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 20 powerful tips on how to move on:

1. Block him on social media.

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It is not bitterness when you want to get rid of his existence online. It is actually a way to start coping with the pain. You do not have to see any notifications, stories, or anything on your timeline that would remind you of him.

2.Put all the things he gave you in a box and put them somewhere or, you can dispose of them for good.

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You will not be able to heal and move on if something will continually trigger the memories you had together. Pack everything away because everything is already in the past. There is no point in holding to anything he left because you guys are over.

3. Eat a lot.

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One way of coping with the pain is by eating your favorite food. Eat your heart out because you deserve a sumptuous feast while going through a heartache. Forget about weight gain for now because you are in for a treat.

4. Watch your favorite TV shows.

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Binge the latest shows, but veer away from watching love story themed ones because they will break your heart even more.

5. Go on a travel getaway with your friends.

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Traveling is one of the best ways to forget your hurting inside temporarily. It is best to divert your attention to something else that will make you productive. Visit the places that will calm your heart and will bring inner peace.

6. Read a new book.

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Go on a book haunt because you deserve to have a good read. Flip those pages real fast like how you should be in getting over with him.

7. Cry loud without hesitations.

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Spend a day crying until nothing is left anymore. Vent out how you feel about him in your room. Talk to yourself until you can’t feel anything anymore.

8. Reconnect with yourself.

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One of the best ways to be over him is to reconnect with who you are. Revisit all the plans you had. Reevaluate yourself and your values because you might forget what you stand for because of loving the wrong guy. You have to go back to your core because that will remind you of how strong you are and make it eventually.

9. Talk to your mom.

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If there is someone who will never judge you for what you are going through, it will be her. Open up to her about how you feel. You do not have to be afraid because she will surely listen to you without a doubt. She is the best person that will understand you because she is also a woman. 10. Hang out with your friends.

10. Hang out with your friends.

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Do not be shy to talk or text with them because they always got your back. They will understand you. They will also listen to your stories for sure.

11. Get drunk and forget that you exist for a while.

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Drowning yourself in alcohol is a good way of coping with the pain. Do not feel bad for doing that, but you have to control and know your limitations too.

12. Go shopping.

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Retail therapy is a good way of forgetting how you feel. You need to take a break and unwind in the meantime. You need to buy new clothes and a dress to recharge yourself.

13. Rock a new haircut or a new hair color.

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Getting a new look is a brave move because you are embodying how confident you are. You are committing to a new beautiful start. You are shaping a new journey, and that should excite you because new stories await you.

14. Join a new organization.

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It is the perfect time for you to meet new acquaintances and friends, so you have to go out of your shell. Go out of your comfort zone and engage through community works and more. When you are busy doing something, so you will not focus on the pain anymore.

15. Adopt a new pet.

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You have to focus on other things. You can actually adopt a new pet instead of buying a new one. Your pet will never leave you, no matter what happens. It will stay with you until the end.

16. Do a new hobby and pursue your passion.

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You do something that you want to do for a long time because you have the luxury of time now to push that. This is an opportunity for you to do something about your passion. Make your heartbreak an inspiration to do something worthwhile. 

17. Listen to music.

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You have to listen to mood booster and inspiring songs to uplift your spirit. You need to feel the rhythm, break out, and dance again. You need to sing your heart and let the music take you.

18. Pray hard.

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Prayers really help in coping with pain and distress. Close your eyes and say your purest intentions. Listen to what your heart tells you.

19. Have alone time for yourself.

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If you want to be alone, do it. If you want to disconnect from the people around you, they will understand. You have to be alone to embrace everything slowly because you only have yourself now.

20. Acceptance.

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  • You have to accept that it is the end of a once fruitful relationship. You have to accept that he is not coming back anymore. You have to believe that you will make it in time. Once you accept everything, you will understand why the relationship did not work out. You will finally see and realize the truth.
  • Moving on takes time. You have to do it at your own pace. You should not pressure yourself because it is not a race. One thing though, you should not use someone to get over the other. You have to do it for yourself because you do not deserve to be stuck in a chapter of your life. You have to understand that starting a brand new chapter is beautiful. It can be scary, but have faith in your heart.

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Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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