20 Wrong And Smart Ad Placements

Advertising at its best with funny but smart, and sometimes wrong ad placements

Ad placement is another key part of advertising, and if done right, it brings the best results. However, some companies have placed their ads in so many weird places.

Some of these advertisements look hilariously smart, but some others are so wrong.

Viral Strange has collected 20 pictures of these advertising placements to give you a taste of what it looks like when you don’t consider the surroundings.

1. A large rest stop advertisement at the entrance to a tunnel

© Shappie/reddit

2. Bad ad placement on a Seattle bus

© damnitjanetiloveyou/imgur

3. Best Ad Placement Ever

© KuqX/reddit

4. Hey it was good ad placement though.

© highteck9/imgur

5. Marketing done right

© unknown/imgur

6. Best ad placement

© whoelsebutquagmire/imgur

7. Perfect

© wonder47/imgur

8. AD placement done right

© asscashorgrass/imgur

9. Possibly the worst airline ad ever…

© unknown/reddit

10. A Truly Unfortunate Ad Placement

© RedStealth/imgur

11. Well…

© RedStealth/imgur

12. Nice ad placement, Samsung.

© UnderclassHeroX/reddit

13. Poor AD placement

© wenturi/imgur

14. Shockingly perfect

© Agres/reddit

15. Meanwhile in India…

© MalcumX/imgur

16. Baby sure does.

© gooddogisgood/reddit

17. Poor choice

© unknown/imgur

18. Now that’s just bad

© mrbz134/reddit

19. Uhm…

© wenturi/imgur

20. Awesome!

© unknown/reddit

Which one was the most wrong placement of these ads? Tell us in the comments.

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