26 Worst Advertising Placements Ever

Wrong advertising placements that are hilarious

The advertising world includes print ads, radio advertising, and also online ads, among many other types. Online advertisers target their audience through specific elements, such as demographics. However, they are not always responsible for where the advertisement will take place on the internet.

Sometimes these ads can show up in the worst placements on digital channels. Some people might consider these ads dark humor and others just funny, but…

Viral Strange has gathered 26 of the worst online placements of these advertisements. Let’s have a look…

1. An ad for pastors appeared over a video of a priest from London, accused of possessing child p0rn.


2. A “Vote Trump” ad on a video displaying an ISIS flag.

Digital Citizens Alliance

3. An ad offering discount cruises on a video of the sinking Costa Concordia.

Republicca TV/YouTube

4. A pro-Clinton ad was played before a video by the “al-Hayat Media Center”, the media wing of ISIS.

Digital Citizens Alliance

5. Viewers of “Great Nasheed 2015 Akhi Ablighmy brother inform my companions YouTube” were shown an ad asking them to donate to the Feel The Bern Committee.

Digital Citizens Alliance

6. On a news article on Facebook popped up a promoted post for the video to “Stacy’s Mom,” a song about a teen being in love with their girlfriend’s mom.


7. A couple got imprisoned for attempting to cremate their dead toddler, and a grill ad shows up…

8. An ad for a Medal of Honor video game shown to a baby post


9. News of Chile’s earthquake and the ad with meteors from the movie “2012.”

10. This ad for Aflac, featuring a duck, looks like it must be deliberate.


11. La Quinta was shown on AOL News.

12. Red Stripe’s ‘Hooray” ad on an underage drinking issue.


13. A crisis of oil spill and a Deloitte ad referencing oil.

14. Toyota’s ad next to a story about a car crash on MSNBC

15. Chocolate beauty mask ad on a story about feces

16. ad on the wrong story

17. Folgers’ ad on a story about the coffee triggering heart attacks on Yahoo News.

18. A mix-up from way back in 2005

19. Holidays in Greece ad appearing next to a story in the Guardian about violent riots in the region.

20. Dominic Strauss-Khan and his “dyed” hair on the ad

Funny or Die

21. McDonald’s sells soft drinks on a story about the causes of obesity.

Useless Humor

22. A free chance to get sick at Olive Garden…

23. This ad from 2012 for “Man On A Ledge”

Bits and Pieces

24. “Plunge” was not the right word…

25. This ad from AT&T looks planned

26. Delivery service…

Which one was the worst? Tell us in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

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