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29 Photos Showing How Motherhood Looks Like Behind The Scenes

Being a mom is not a walk in the park, and that is for sure. It is surely one of the hardest jobs around. You do not just need life skills, but more passion and dedication. It is not easy to fulfill your duties every day, but it also adds joy and more colors to your life at the same time.

Inna Sacali, an architect and artist from Moldova, creates playful comics of her day to day experiences as a mom. She illustrates the struggles of being a mom that people do not normally see behind the scenes.

Viral Strange curated some of her funniest and relatable comics to date:

1. Your baby is the most beautiful child ever

comics about parents talking about their child's first photo
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Your child is the most precious being for you, no matter what. He or she is your own flesh, so you always want the best things for him or her. You always aim to be the best mom you can be because that is what he or she deserves. You want to give the best kind of love because that is what he or she deserves.

2. You will never feel a mom’s struggle unless you become one

comics about a woman in her 20's talking to herself about being a mom
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

It is easy to hurl judgment to someone for being an imperfect mom, but you will never know how it feels when you become one. It is not right to judge someone’s motherhood abilities because you do not really know the struggles she has endured. When you try to judge someone, you only see the tip of the iceberg, not the whole picture.

3. Being overprotective to your child

comics of a mom being protective to her child
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

It is a maternal instinct to protect her child. It is common for people to ask you to carry your child, especially if you are at a family gathering or with some friends. It is not that you do not trust these people when you do not allow it. You are just protecting your child from contracting sickness, especially that their immune system is too fragile.

4. Body shaming is not okay

comics about a man poking fun at a mom's belly
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

For some, poking fun at someone’s weight is fun, but that it is never fun at all. Keep your opinion to yourself if you have nothing good to say. Body shaming is never cool. You know nothing about people’s struggles, especially those who have body issues after pregnancy.

5. You are not a bad mom

comics about a mom overthinking when her child is crying in public
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

When you’re out in public, and your baby cries out of the blue, you can’t help but overthink what people may say. You do not want to create a noise scene. You do not want people to think that you are not doing your job as a mom. You do not have to be hard on yourself because we know that you are doing your best. Babies have unexpected tantrums, and you can’t control that.

6. Your body is going through changes, but you are still beautiful 

comics about a comparing her legs during pregnancy

© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

When you get pregnant, there are times that you get overwhelmed with the changes in your body. It is totally okay when you acknowledge that feeling. It is fine that you feel uncomfortable with your own skin. You have to remember that what is inside you is a blessing.

7. The paranoia when your child is sick

a comics comparing a mom when her child is okay and when he is not
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

One of the worst nightmares for a mom is when her child is sick. You would want to exchange places with your child because you do not want him to suffer. As a selfless mother, you would really do whatever it takes for your child to feel better.

8. When your child is out for a messy playtime

comics about a child playing with the plants
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

As a mom, you really to keep an eye on your child. Because he will really play with whatever he sees inside or even outside the house. He is up for messy playtime when no one is watching over him.

9. When your husband sleeps faster that your child

comics of a man sleeping faster than his baby
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

One of the struggles of a mom is to have her child sleep at night time. You already did your best to make him sleep but to no avail. You already sing lullabies, sleeping rituals and more, but he is still awake than ever. You want to sleep, but you have to watch over him too.

10. You want to flaunt your babies progress on social media

comics of a mother's social media profile
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

As you go to motherhood, you want to document your baby’s progress along the way. You feel accomplished every time your child did something great. You feel like a proud mom because all the sacrifices are worth it.

11. Your child puts everything he sees on his mouth

comics of a baby putting slipper to his mouth

© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

You really have to check on your child from time to time. Because he has tendencies to swallow or bite everything that he sees that may cause choking incidents. You have to check and make precautionary measures for your child’s safety.

12. When you try to pick him up, and he cries

comics of a child crying after being picked up
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

It is a struggle when he does not want to get a bath or change his clothes after playtime. He is not done yet with playing, so he cries loud at you.

13. The happiness when he finally learns to talk

comics of a happy woman because her child said mama

© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

One of the best feelings of being a mother is finally seeing your child say a word. It is a surreal feeling when he finally recognizes that you are his mom. You can’t help but proud of his milestone as a baby.

14. He is growing so fast

comics of a child growing fast
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

As a mom, you sometimes wish that your baby does not grow fast because you will miss those precious moments with him. But in reality, your baby grows so fast that even buying his clothes should be strategic. You have to buy clothes quite bigger than him because the next thing you know it won’t fit him anymore.

15. Keeping fragile things away from your child

comics of a shocked mom because the vase got broken by her child
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

You have to keep fragile things away from your child’s reach. They may play on them and may cut themselves from dangerous broken pieces.

16. The teething stage is one of the most challenging

comics of a child biting her mom
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

The teething stage of a child is one of the most painful parts too. Your child will bite you when you are breastfeeding. He has this natural urge to bite or place objects into his mouth to reduce discomfort.

17. You become hungrier than ever

comics of a mom eating real quick
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

After your hard work each day being a mom, you deserve to treat yourself to a sumptuous meal. You deserve delicious and nutritious food to give you more energy. You need that to drive you because being a mom is not easy after all.

18. When your child’s energy get recharged

comics of baby being happy again after a bad mood
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

That overflowing happiness when your child gets enough sleep is priceless. His eyes are shining bright again, and his mood is back to playtime mood.

19. When he has tantrums at night

comics of a woman having a hard time putting her child to sleep

© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

It is a test of patience and endurance when your child gets tantrums at night. You want to sleep, but you can’t because your child is wilding. You want to put him to sleep, but he does not seem to listen to you. It is a bit frustrating, but it only makes you tougher.

20. You have little to no time pursuing your other  passion

comics about a woman wanting to draw but she is sleepy
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Let us face it, sometimes you want to pursue other things, but you can’t anymore because of time constraints. You want to do something else, but you are way too drain already. But no regrets because being a mom gives you a different kind of happiness too. Be proud of yourself because being a mom is not as easy as they think.

21. The anxiety that’s telling you that you are not doing great

comics about mom having anxiety
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Being a mom gives you anxiety, thinking that you are not doing great so far. You always want to put your best foot forward, but sometimes you feel that you are not doing good enough. It is okay to overthink, but do not overdo it. You have to give enough credit to yourself because you have survived all the challenges so far.

22. Playing together with dad is extra fun


comics about mom and dad playing with their baby
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Seeing your husband fulfill his duties as a father by playing with your child is adorable. It also gives you more time to do other household chores while they are goofing around.

23. When he waters you with his pee

comics of a baby boy peeing to his mom
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Being a mom means embracing the fact that you have to deal with the dirtiest things. You have to change his wet diapers. You have to make your child as clean as possible. Let us be honest this is the not so enjoyable part of being a mom, but you have to deal with it.

24. The bruises you get for chasing your baby

comics about a mom and dad chasing their child
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

The best exercise is not going to the gym, but it is chasing your child. The chase you do when you want him to sleep, but he enjoys playing in the room.

25. When your child is starting to walk

comics of a child starting to walk
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

One of the most awaited moments of your baby is when he learns to walk. It is not easy because he falls and stumbles in the process. You are starting to think that he is invincible because he always gets up after all the failed attempts.

26. The horror when he eats alone

comics of a child being messy eating
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

As your way of teaching him independence in eating, it turns out messy in the process. He might be messy than ever, but he is surely having fun doing it. Teaching your child independence at a young age is good for them to believe in themselves at a young age.

27. When your baby is playing alone

 comics about a mom overthinking because her child is playing alone
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

When your child is alone playing, you always have this need to be there for him. You want him to feel safe and to make him feel that you are always there. But in reality, it is okay to let him play alone, so you do your other duties.

28. The beautiful growth of becoming a mom

comics of an evolution of a mom
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

Seeing your progress as a mom is fulfilling. When you made it with highs and lows, and you made it is pure happiness. It may be tiring at times but is fulfilling when you see your efforts are flourishing.

29. You want another baby

comics about a mom talking to a fairy
© Inna Sacali ‏/ Facebook

You promise yourself not to have another child not until your baby is old enough. But when you see your child being alone, you want a playmate for him. It will be another challenging time for you considering another baby, but you will make it too, like the last time.

Moms are our unsung heroes. They fulfill their responsibilities daily unconditionally, all because they love us. It is rightful for us to make them feel that they are loved and valued too. They may feel tired at some point, but their love and care never go away. They are not perfect like all of us, but they always do to give us the best lives for us. They may be serious at times, but they also find time to have fun with everything they do. Please, love your mom too.

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