6 Relationship-Damaging Factors Backed by Science

Discover the science-backed insights on 6 relationship-damaging factors. Strengthen your connection by avoiding these damaging habits.

Relationship-damaging factors can provide insights into what leads to the end of a relationship. A study from October 2022 identified six key actions that can jeopardize relationships. University of Nicosia Professor Menelaos Apostolou‘s research, published in Evolutionary Psychology, aimed to understand why individuals either remained in or terminated their relationships.

Two Studies

6 Relationship-Damaging Factors
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To address his query, Apostolou surveyed 233 Greek-speaking students in Cyprus, asking them to pinpoint actions that could negatively impact their commitment to a long-term relationship.

This initial group, evenly split between genders, averaged 30 to 31 years old. About 39.1% were in relationships, 26.4% married, and 27.2% single.

After consolidating the data, Apostolou presented the results to a second group of 536 adult students, tasking them with identifying actions most likely to terminate their commitment to a relationship. The second group closely resembled the first, with a higher percentage of women among the 321 participants.

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Participants averaged around 31 years old, with 40.3% in relationships, 36.6% single, and 17% married. Notably, 28% of the second group had children, a significant factor.

After the second study, Apostolou categorized 88 relationship-damaging acts into six distinct groups, providing insights into major factors contributing to relationship breakdowns.

The Six Factors That Could Ruin Your Relationship

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These six factors included:

  • Does not care about me;
  • Does not treat our children well;
  • Tries to control me;
  • Shows interest in other men/women;
  • Exhibits abusive behavior;
  • Has undesirable traits.

The Two Most Important Factors That Kill Relationships

6 Relationship-Damaging Factors
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Not showing care for a partner and mistreating their children ranked as the next two significant factors leading to relationship dissolution, with all factors closely scoring in overall importance.

Do you think this study found the right relationship-damaging factors? What else would you add? Let us know in the comments.

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