80 kg Weight Loss to Resemble Role Model

A woman has an 80 kg weight loss journey to mirror a role model’s transformation. Inspiring success story. Read more about it!

80 kg weight loss was Kayla Lavende‘s challenge after seven years of battling obesity. Her parents tried motivating her with Barbie dolls every time the scale disappointed her.

Kayla adored these slender, beautiful dolls, yet humorously called herself “Barbie XXL.”

Credit: Caters News Agency

However, the girl faced a major problem as her 154 kg weight began to affect her mobility, beauty, and health. In response, Kayla made a pivotal decision.

80 kg Weight Loss
Credit: Caters News Agency

She opted for stomach size reduction surgery, followed by a commitment to a healthier diet and regular participation in sports.

Credit: Caters News Agency

She said: “I was always the happy fat girl until I wasn’t happy any more. I knew I needed to physically change when I required two seats on the plane – I remember looking down and feeling mortified. I didn’t want to live my life with limitations and I knew I would need some extra help so a gastric sleeve was the best tool for me.”

Her 80 kg weight loss journey

Credit: Caters News Agency

Now, the transformation is evident! Kayla has revamped her diet, achieving a stunning 80 kg weight loss. She can now confidently wear her vibrant Barbie dresses without hesitation.

80 kg Weight Loss
Credit: Caters News Agency

Now, her life is entirely centered around maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise routines, both of which have become essential pillars in achieving her long-cherished ambitions.

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