9 Countries With Bans And Limitations For Tourists

Countries are banning tourists from doing certain things

Traveling to new places is always a good idea. You can enjoy the beauty of that country and learn a new culture and tradition.

However, because of some incidents throughout the years, some countries have decided to put new limitations and even ban certain things for tourists.

Viral Strange has compiled a list of 9 bans that some countries have implemented.

1. In the Philippines it’s prohibited to smoke, eat, and build sand castles on the beach.

The beaches of Boracay Island in the Philippines had to be closed for 6 months to do a cleaning worth $20 million to the authorities. The beaches needed cleaning from all the trash tourists left behind. Since 2018, the authorities have put limitations into action. It’s prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol, eat, and even not to build sand castles in the natural landscape.

2. Walking in a bikini in Bali and taking pictures in front of temples

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The island people couldn’t tolerate all the tourists being disrespectful by walking around in bikinis and taking pictures in front of temples. So, in 2018, the authorities considered new restrictions on the access of sacred places to tourists.

3. One-Day tourists have to pay taxes in Venice

Since May 1, 2018, One-Day tourists, i.e, tourists that will only spend the day in Venice, will pay $3 more, because of the big crowds in this city. Whoever tries to avoid the tax, will pay a fine of $450.

4. In Thailand is not allowed to use plastic bags

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The Island Ko Samet in Thailand was full of trash because of the vast number of tourists per day. So, the local authorities set new limitations. They banned the use of plastic bags or containers. If you do, you will pay a fine.

5. The number of hostels will be reduced in Russia.

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Because of the huge number of private apartments turned into hostels in Russia, the authorities might reduce their number and call them illegal activity.

6. Only 300 people/year are allowed to climb Mt. Everest.

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Mt. Everest awaits its visitors only in spring but not more than 300 people annually. In 2018, around 8.4 tons of trash and excrement were collected on the mountain, hence the tourists’ limitations.

7. You can’t speak on the phone while riding a bicycle in The Netherlands.

Because of the number of accidents, tourists should know not to talk on the phone while riding a bicycle in The Netherlands. If they do, they may pay a fine of $250.

8. You cannot eat or rest in the streets in Florence.

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No more tired tourists resting and eating sandwiches are allowed in the streets of Florence! Since 2018 it has been illegal to sit on stairs and eat outside these 4 streets downtown. If you do, you will have to pay $500.

9. In Rome, there is a limitation on tourist buses.

Since January 2019, the center of Rome has been closed for tourist buses. To protect the historical legacy, the punishment for vandals would be harsher.

What do you think about these traveling limitations? Would you help our readers by adding any new country bans to the list? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. Wwell, Most of the restrictions are sensible keeping the culture and respect to that place in mind. What surprises me is the ban on building sand castles on the beach and women not allowed to walk in 👙. I guess the authorities expect women to swim in formal wear, Huh! Absolutely ridiculous!