“A really scary breed of men are emerging!”

There’s a type of man growing in numbers who exhibits some “really scary” behavior, says Jana Hocking.

By Jana Hocking

There’s a really scary breed of men growing in numbers at the moment.

You can decipher them from their permanently angry faces.

Their outlandish views shared on social media.

Their all-consuming obsession with women who have a public voice.

Oh, and their desperate need to try to mow these women down.



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We saw it recently when wannabe influencer Harrison Boon took to his TikTok and went on a rant about how women between the ages of 27 and 35 are in the “danger zone.”

Yes, it would appear anyone in this age bracket is fast becoming “unmarriable,” according to him. Eek! He went on to say that “women’s peak value is between the ages of 18 and 24.”

Hmm … when they are at their most vulnerable? Most easily manipulated by losers, perhaps.



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Now sure, my boobies probably sat a little higher back then, but I was nowhere near ready to get married at that age. Good Lord, I would have married an absolute dud.

He even went so far as calling out one popular female podcaster, saying she was “riding the c–k carousel from one relationship to the next.”

Simply because she dared to publicly speak about sex. Scandalous.

Now, if you’re wondering who the heck Harrison Buffoon — oops, I mean Boon — is, you may have to stretch your mind back to Season 10 of “Married At First Sight.”

Don’t worry doll, I had forgotten who he was as well.

Anyway, his absolutely deluded rant was giving “I’m desperate for five minutes of fame”.



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Thirsty, thirsty man.

The problem is, he isn’t a lone weirdo who we can all snigger at and then get on with our day. Oh no, there’s millions of angry men filling our social media space right now.

They’re creating YouTube channels faster then the speed of light. They’re reposting deeply unsettling and sexist memes before I’ve even had my morning coffee. And they’re hosting online forums in the depths of the dark interwebs. All injecting their own ‘anti-women’ values on to each other.

While many women have been surprised by the increasing rate of angry male rants, I’m not.

Anytime I post a slightly sexy picture on my Instagram I’m hit with angry comments from men calling me a s**t. Whenever I write an article about a new female-led sex trend I get inundated with messages calling me a wh**e. And honestly take one look at the comments that will appear under this article from angry men, and tell me we don’t have a serious problem with the narrative created by men right now.

So question for these men: When did you all become so angry? And what makes you feel ‘big’ and ‘tough’ taking out on women.

Yes, I am single and do from time-to-time enjoy a wonderful sex life. Why is that a threat? Why do you take so strongly to the comments sections, and YouTube videos, and Instagram posts to let me know I’m ‘unmarriable.’ Because if it’s unmarriable to you, I jolly well hope so.

Rather than focusing on how we women are choosing to live our lives, perhaps you need to take a long-hard look at why we are clearly rejecting you in droves. Could it be … you?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it could.

You’re angry. And mean. And let’s be honest, a little obsessed with us.



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So choof along dementors and go get some therapy. Because all this ranting is not going to help you get laid. All it will do is raise your cholesterol and make those ugly stress veins pop from your forehead.


The good news is these men seem to out themselves fairly quickly. So many times, our spidey female senses will tingle and a little warning light will go off in our brains to avoid them.

But not always.

So ladies, if a guy is saying something that seems a bit off, perhaps a little sexist, a little misogynistic. Follow your gut feeling and avoid him like the plague.

These are not happy men. And for heaven’s sakes, men if you notice your friend is throwing around some toxic traits perhaps call them out. We women can’t be left to call them out on our own. Step up to the plate lads.

Jana Hocking is a columnist and collector of kind-of-boyfriends | @jana_hocking


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