Abandoned Places That Will Shatter Your Heart

Explore the haunting beauty of abandoned places in this collection of heart-stirring and heart-wrenching locations.

Abandoned places have a special story behind them. From crumbling structures to those completely overpowered by nature, they can easily give you goosebumps.

Viral Strange has prepared a collection of 20 abandoned places that will touch your heart.

1. “An Elmo toy that I found while hiking in Georgia”

Abandoned Places
© psithurism_daze / Reddit

2. “Rusty old Ford in the woods”

© nemom / Reddit

3. “She was being restored by a young man who got called away to WWII and never returned home”

Abandoned Places
© wintertash / Reddit

4. “Found this beautiful tree growing inside a silo while I was exploring.”

© runswithjello / Reddit

5. “ITAP of Abandoned Space Shuttles rusted in Baikonur”

Abandoned Places
© ansnoir / Reddit

6. “Abandoned 50s Diner”

© Freaktography / Reddit

7. “Years’ worth of newspapers were stacked high in an abandoned house.”

Abandoned Places
© Freaktography / reddit

8. “Kool-Aid packets from the 1980s were found in the kitchen of an old house.”

© Freaktography / reddit

9. “An Old Tattered Wedding Dress in an Abandoned House”

Abandoned Places
© Freaktography / reddit

10. “Found in an abandoned time capsule cabin”

© Freaktography / reddit

11. “The house I grew up in. Long since abandoned.”

Abandoned Places
© CosmicWhitey / Reddit

12. “Found this children’s kitchen set sitting in the back of an abandoned Ontario home…”

© chrisluckhardt / reddit

13. “Exploring the abandoned attraction park in Nara, Japan”

Abandoned Places
© JapanTravelcom / Reddit

14. “Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village”

© mistermajik2000 / Reddit

15. “Stairwell in an abandoned button factory”

Abandoned Places
© dittidot / Reddit

16. “An abandoned mall near me, in Ohio”

© cayto08 / Reddit

17. “This abandoned house with a doll house inside that looks like it.”

Abandoned Places
© 10Exahertz / reddit

18. “Every night, a few people show up outside of the oldest prison in the state of Texas (where all executions are carried out) to watch thousands upon thousands of bats fly out of the abandoned building across the street. Something so beautiful next to something so ugly.”

© asl001 / Reddit

19. “Abandoned Homestead, South Dakota”

Abandoned Places
© Keltore_ / Reddit

20. “Old bunkhouse, Independence Mine, Wasilla Alaska”

Abandoned Places
© gsuhrie / Reddit

What abandoned places have touched your heart? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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