Before And After Transformations That Are Amazing

We love before and after transformations. They show us how it was and how it is. Here you will find the most amazing ones.

Before and after transformations are something that is always welcome by our audience. We love them, too!

I mean… Who would like to ease their minds by looking at a messy garden turned into a beautiful work of art?

On the other hand, people who have transformed their lives for the better with their determination are to be applauded.

Viral Strange has collected 14 pics of before and after truly amazing transformations!

1. “My son has grown in height between 58 mm and 62 mm consistently every year from ages 3 to 9.”

before and after
© sadpartypodcast / Reddit

2. “Not your typical uglyduckling post… but here’s how I went from “ET with hair” to “living babydoll” in 6 months.”

© pennylane_9 / Reddit

3. “The visor I wore every day of 6th grade). 11 to 29.”

before and after
© scrubmommy1207 / Reddit

4. “Built back better”

© howitsgoing2022 / Reddit

5. “19 vs 24”

before and after
© majkl_ss / Reddit

6. “I went to go buy a duck, but ended up saving him instead.”

© bluekii / Reddit

7. “Had some fun with a weird hairstyle. It’s great to have options, especially after being NW5 for quite a few years!”

before and after
© Mr_Rolandas / Reddit

8. “Tiles before I bleached the sh*t out of them”

© thangsnstufff / Reddit

9. “5 Years of braces & 1 Jaw surgery later.”

before and after
© TheGirlWithTheChin / Reddit

10. “In honor of my 7th cake day here is my glow up from age 23 on the left to 36 on the right. radical acceptance (inside and out) and the path of least resistance brought me here”

before and after
© shinebrightlike / Reddit

11. “My garage wall when I bought my house in 2016 to now. Still a work in progress, but it’s coming together!”

© donorum88 / Reddit

12. “14 to 17”

© boetacat / Reddit

13. “The before and after on my wife and I’s project car. 2015-2018.”

before and after
© Luke-Mopar / Reddit

14. “Motivation Monday! Have to share this. These photos are just under two years apart. Sitting in the same spot – just an entirely different lifestyle. Half the person I once was.”

before and after
© virgggo / Reddit

Which one is the greatest transformation of them all? Have you transformed something in your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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