Celebrity Icons Showing Their Natural Faces

Many celebrity icons rock their public appearances. This time, these beautiful women have shown their gorgeous natural faces!

Celebrity icons are at the center of attention, especially in their public appearances, where they rock their looks. The audience loves seeing famous icons in their natural selves. No makeup, no dressed-up, no hairstyles. Just them.

Lots of celebrity women share pieces of their private life on social media, and many posts include them being all natural.

Viral Strange has gathered 15 celebrity icons showing their no-makeup faces on social media, and they all look gorgeous!

1. Adele

Celebrity Icons
© adele / Instagram

2. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

© drewbarrymore / Instagram

3. Keke Palmer

Celebrity Icons
© keke / Instagram

4. Rachel Bloom

© racheldoesstuff / Instagram

5. Bebe Rexha

Celebrity Icons
© beberexha / Instagram

6. Doja Cat

© dojacat / Instagram

7. Rebel Wilson

Celebrity Icons
© rebelwilson / Instagram

8. Megan Thee Stallion

© theestallion / Instagram

9. Selena Gomez

Celebrity Icons
© selenagomez / Instagram

10. Halsey

© iamhalsey / Instagram

11. Rosalía

Celebrity Icons
© rosalia.vt / Instagram

12. Anya Taylor Joy

© anyataylorjoy / Instagram

13. Jessie J

Celebrity Icons
© jessiej / Instagram

14. Amy Schumer

© amyschumer / Instagram

15. Florence Pugh

Celebrity Icons
© florencepugh / Instagram

Who is your favorite? What do you think about this natural outing of these celebrity icons? Tell us in the comments!

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