Colombian Transgender Model Kisses Husband’s Baby Bump

Colombian transgender model shares sweet moment with husband’s 8-month baby bump. Read more about this heartwarming moment.

The Colombian transgender model Danna Sultana, born male and identified as female, recently shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram. In the image, she lovingly kisses her husband’s eight-month baby bump.

Colombian Transgender Model

Danna Sultana, a Colombian transgender model who identifies as female, is expecting a baby with Esteban Landrau, her husband, who identifies as a man.

Danna shared the heartwarming image on Instagram earlier this month, along with the hashtag ‘Love Is Love,’ delighting her 219,000 followers.

According to local media, the couple conceived their baby naturally, as both Danna and Esteban have retained their natural organs.

When Esteban reached eight months of pregnancy, he experienced contractions and worried about premature labor. Anxious, they hurried to a local hospital and alerted their family in anticipation of their baby’s arrival.

Colombian Transgender Model

Fortunately, doctors assured them that Esteban’s symptoms were typical for the eighth month of pregnancy, given their baby’s size, allowing them to return home and prepare.

The Colombian transgender model shared an endearing video on her social media, showing her kissing and caressing Esteban’s prominent belly as he smiled for the camera.

Additionally, they shared tender photos of themselves in their home garden and revealed that their son would be named Ariel.

Recently, Danna posted a snapshot next to her husband’s baby bump, captioning it, “We almost have our beloved.” In February, the couple joyfully announced their pregnancy with a photo where they both beamed at the camera, affirming that dreams do come true.

Colombian Transgender Model

Throughout their pregnancy journey, Dana and Esteban have received abundant support from adoring fans on Instagram.

One fan even wrote, “They are very beautiful and are giving a lot of courage to thousands of trans couples.”

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