Dead Man Plays a Pre-Recorded Message at His Funeral, People Go CRAZY!!

At least you can tell he had a sense of humor…

Have you thought about what words would everybody read on your funeral? Who would you like to have a speech in front of you coffin and the people gathered to mourn your death? Well, one smart man seems like it had…

Shay Bradley was the genius from Ireland who passed away and wished to see tears of laugh in people’s faces who attended his funeral.

It is not known who this hilarious man was, but surely, he had a fine sense of humor. The people stood shook when they heard the tape he had recorded before his death. Some started laughing and others crying even more.

As soon as the coffin starts to lower into the grave, the tape begins playing. “Hello? Knock-knock! Let me out. Where the F*** am I? Let me out it’s f***** dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear? Stop! I can hear you. I fooled you I am dead!”

The viral TikTok video shared by the user @paylfoisy, has got more then 2.5M likes and 11K comments.

@paulfoisy This Man Is A LEGEND🤯 #viral #fyp #story ♬ original sound – PAUL FOISY

Written by Telha

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