Don’t Kill Spiders at Home: Insights from an Entomologist

Don’t kill spiders at home! Learn why from this expert entomologist’s insights on coexisting with these helpful creatures.

Don’t kill spiders at home! I know… Mission impossible, right? From a logical standpoint, the presence of small spiders both indoors and in natural settings seems acceptable. Nonetheless, an unsettling and ominous aura surrounds these creatures.

Don’t kill spiders at home.

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Is it a good idea to kill them? The truth is, no matter how unsettling they appear, getting rid of spiders in your home isn’t advisable.

Spiders play a vital role in nature and within our indoor ecosystem, existing as integral organisms. The emphasis lies not on animal rights but on their tangible contributions to your home environment.

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Despite wanting to believe in the complete insulation of your cozy home from the outside world, the reality is that various spider species can be found indoors. Some are inadvertently trapped, some visit briefly, while others actively thrive indoors. Whether they’re frequently visible or seldom encountered, these arachnids invariably share your living space.

They serve as natural pest controllers, safeguarding your space from other unwanted insects.

Don't Kill Spiders at Home
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Many spiders are reclusive, seldom observed, and pose no threat. Yet, they provide valuable cost-free pest control at home, including cannibalizing other spiders.

A survey of 50 homes in North Carolina revealed that every single one harbored spiders. The prevalent types included cobweb and cellar spiders – likely ones you’ve encountered too.

While being predators, they pose no threat to you. Indoors, they consume a variety of pests like insects and mosquitoes, protecting them from itchy bites. Spiders, such as cellar spiders, even dine on other spiders, making them beneficial housemates regardless of mealtime.

The majority of indoor spiders are harmless.

Don't Kill Spiders at Home
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Feeling fearful of spiders is common and natural. Many people share this fear, but it’s possible to conquer or manage it over time.

Rest assured, there’s little to fear. Spiders typically steer clear of humans and are usually harmless. Occasional spider bites are uncommon, and encountering genuinely dangerous species is rare, especially within your home.

Don't Kill Spiders at Home
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Instead of killing spiders in your home, capture and release them outdoors to thrive and benefit the environment. In general, having spiders in your home is natural and advantageous. Avoid killing them, as they pose no threat to you.

What are your thoughts on spiders? Do you eliminate them, allow them indoors, or relocate them outside? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

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