EX-Related Habits You Need to Break Free From

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EX-related habits can always be sensitive in any relationship, regardless of how good your current partner is. Being open about what’s on your mind is okay, but it can go overboard when assuming they won’t be insensitive. To avoid fights over your past, stop doing these EX-related habits.

1. Stop idealizing your past bond.

EX-Related Habits
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Avoid telling your partner about a “unique” connection with your ex. Even if your exes were extraordinary, your partner doesn’t want to hear about it. Trust your instincts and talk about your exes less or not at all.

2. Avoid dwelling on past heartbreak.

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Complaining to your partner about how your ex “broke” you can create unnecessary tension. Focus on the positive aspects of your current relationship instead of dwelling on the past.

3. Remove reminders of your ex.

EX-Related Habits
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Get rid of gifts from your ex. Your partner doesn’t want reminders of your past relationships in your shared space.

4. Delete intimate photos and videos.

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Remove any personal or intimate photos and videos with your ex. Your partner may feel uncomfortable stumbling upon such memories.

5. Clear old messages and conversations.

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Delete messages from your exes to avoid comparison. Your partner wants to believe your bond is unique, and seeing similar conversations can cause friction.

6. Don’t reveal you remember special dates.

EX-Related Habits
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Conceal your memory of important dates to prevent potential issues. This small act can keep your partner happy and prevent unnecessary conflicts.

7. Avoid sharing how hard the breakup was.

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Your partner might not want to hear how deeply your past breakup affected you. Keep the focus on your current relationship.

8. Stop comparing your partner to your ex.

EX-Related Habits
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Comparisons can harm your relationship. Instead, focus on appreciating your current partner’s unique qualities and strengths.

Do you have any of these EX-related habits? Let us know in the comments!

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