Experts: ‘Curse’ of King Tutankhamun’s tomb mystery death finally solved

Now, a scientist claims to have unraveled the mysteries of the infamous “Pharaoh’s Curse” more than a century later.

The enigmatic legend of the curse surrounding King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt has long puzzled archaeologists, who have associated it with the mysterious deaths of multiple excavators following its discovery in 1922.

In a recent article published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE), Ross Fellowes proposed a groundbreaking theory. He suggests that toxic levels of radiation, emanating from uranium and poisonous waste, have remained trapped inside the tomb since it was sealed over 3,000 years ago. The radiation levels within Tutankhamun’s tomb are so dangerously high that contact with them could likely lead to fatal doses of radiation sickness and cancer.


Fellowes highlighted the prevalence of hematopoietic cancers among both contemporary and ancient Egyptian populations, a condition often linked to radiation exposure.

Furthermore, he revealed that unusually high radiation levels have been detected not only in Tutankhamun’s tomb but also in other ancient tomb ruins across Egypt, including sites near the pyramids at Giza and underground tombs at Saqqara.

These readings, described as “intensely radioactive,” surpass accepted safety standards by tenfold, indicating a significant health risk. Fellowes also posited that the builders of these ancient tombs may have been aware of the dangers, as evidenced by eerie warnings carved on the walls.

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The ominous atmosphere surrounding the tomb’s discovery only added to the mystique. Several peculiar incidents, including the deaths of six individuals within a decade of the tomb’s opening, fueled speculation about a curse.

Additionally, Lord Carnarvon, one of the expedition leaders, suffered a severe infection from a mosquito bite, Cairo experienced a strange power outage and sandstorm coinciding with the excavation, and even Carnarvon’s dog reportedly met a sudden and chilling demise during the dig.

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Despite the ominous aura, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings remains a significant archaeological milestone, offering insights into ancient Egyptian royalty’s journey into the afterlife.

The trove of artifacts found within, including solid gold funeral shoes, statues, games, and exotic animals, continues to captivate historians and enthusiasts alike, providing a window into the splendor of ancient Egypt.

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