Gen Z Woman Surprised by Millennial Man’s Post-Date Text

Discover the unexpected twist as a Gen Z woman reacts to a millennial man’s post-date message. An intriguing tale of modern dating dynamics.

A Gen Z woman, Elizabeth Castaldi, sheds light on the stark generational contrasts that extend beyond mere numbers.

Gen Z Woman

While age may be a conventional metric, disparities in movie preferences, culinary tastes, and homeownership aspirations are unmistakable. Yet, Castaldi zooms in on a contemporary facet: texting habits.

The 27-year-old content creator took to social media to unveil her post-date conversation with a 35-year-old gentleman.

You might assume a 35-year-old wouldn’t resort to full-on text lingo, attempting to be hip like a mom. But surprise, he didn’t.

However, despite his avoidance of text speech, the Gen Z woman was still puzzled by his message.

In the clip, she shared a screenshot of his morning-after text, accompanied by a caption: I have to start dating people my age (but I won’t). She quipped, Is he a bad texter or is he 35?”

Elizabeth’s date sent a straightforward message: Hey, had fun last night. Have a good day. Yet, her reaction, captured in a video mouthing let’s go? I guess? sparked confusion among viewers. Some failed to grasp why she found the message so startling. 


I’m confused how this is bad?, questioned one individual, while another admitted feeling out of touch: I realized I was old when I didn’t see an issue.”

While the message itself wasn’t necessarily negative, the Gen Z woman clarified that its ambiguity left her uncertain about the guy’s intentions. Let’s be clear, I do not have the ick. I just can’t read him and I really, really want to go on a second date, she emphasized in a comment beneath her video.

Elizabeth received suggestions from viewers eager to decode the man’s feelings, prompting her to respond with a hopeful message: Me too! Hope your day is going well.”

@yogiinpinkk Replying to @SG see, no conversation!!!! Lmaooo. Is he still just 35 or am i not getting a second date?! @Niko | The Daddy Academy what do you think #dating #datingoldermen #firstdate #badtexter #textingstory ♬ misses – Dominic Fike

Despite her efforts, Elizabeth grew increasingly convinced of the man’s disinterest as their conversation unfolded. In an attempt to arrange another meeting, the Gen Z woman proposed plans, but the man cited work overload and suggested they play it by ear.”

Elizabeth opted to give the man the opportunity to initiate another meeting, though numerous viewers advised her to move on and seek someone displaying more enthusiasm.

Recently, the Gen Z woman posted an update, announcing her upcoming first date, expressing hope for better compatibility in texting habits this time around.

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