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Groom was shot in the head while tying the knot

It was supposed to be the best day of their lives for Dulce and Manuel Gonzalez, who had been in a relationship for a decade and welcomed two children together.

A newly married man is fighting for his life after masked gunmen appeared at his wedding and shot him in the head.

On Friday (28 June), the couple finally tied the knot in a simple wedding ceremony held at their home in St Louis. They welcomed around 50 family members to join the celebration on the 3800 block of Neosho in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood, continuing the party into the night.

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After midnight, the remaining guests were chatting in the backyard when two armed men in ski masks suddenly entered and told them not to move. The bride’s sister, Yaribeth Peña, managed to run inside, but as she did, she heard a gun go off.

Police later determined that one of the masked men started going through people’s pockets while the other stood behind the groom, 32-year-old Manuel, holding his gun. The gunman pulled the trigger and shot Manuel in the head, leaving him in critical condition. Yaribeth Peña told KSDK-TV, “We are hoping he pulls through. (My sister) is distraught, she’s depressed, she’s heartbroken. They were saying my brother-in-law was going for his wallet and maybe they thought he was going for a weapon.” After the shooting, the two men ran away with nothing.

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As of 2 July, no arrests have been made, but Peña believes the suspects may have been teenagers. She lives next door to Dulce and Manuel’s home and is now concerned for the safety of those in the area. “I feel like we would have to move to feel comfortable. I would like for the community to help us locate these suspects,” she said.

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Manuel has made some hand movements in the hospital, which has given the family hope. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family as Manuel remains hospitalized. “We need prayers that he will come through this,” the page reads. “In the meantime, the family will need help with expenses, including medical bills and the loss of his income. Any support that can be afforded to this sweet family will be greatly appreciated.”

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