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How to Tell If Your Man is Real and Faithful (8 Sign)

‏We girls each have a different idea about the man we want, our desires are different and we each think differently, maybe some girls like black men, some white men, our desires are different and different from each other. The only thing we have in common is that we all want a (faithful) man, it doesn’t matter if the man we want is black or white, tall or short, black or yellow hair, whichever one is, the most important thing we have in common,
‏(we want the man of our dreams to be faithful , make sure your man is a loyal man or not , read this post

Today we at ViralStrange listed 8 sign of faithful men.

‎1. He take care of you.

‏ The man who truly loves you and is faithful to you, always wants to spend time with you, cares about your details and desires, wants to do things that will make you happy

‎2. Trusting.

‏No one wants to share their personal stuff with someone they don’t love, so if your man gives you the keys to his apartment or his car switch or his mobile phone without you asking, he will believe in you and love you.

3. He remember you every moment.

Most of the men in their daily lives are busy with work, they may not have much time for anything other than work, ‏But the man who is loyal to you and truly loves you, He always dedicates his time to you and calls you or sends you messages, while you think he don’t call you, but he does! he calls you even if it’s for two minutes.

‎4. A Loyal one.

Christin Hume

‏When a man really loves you and is sincere to you, his eyes will only see you, he will not look at any other girl as he looks at you, while many girls will look at him he will only look at you

‎5. He introduces you to his friends.

no matter how others think about him, he is not afraid that people will recognize you as his love, he only cares about you and wants everyone to know that you are together.

‎ 6. Reality of LOVE.

He loves everything about you, even the things you hate about yourself, he loves you, he wants you to have your opinion and it doesn’t take much for you to change your personality, he love you with all your shortcoming.

7. Didn’t hide his Past.

He does not hide his past, he talks about all the things he did and he does not want to hide anything from you, because he believes in you and wants to know about everything.

8. He is not selfish.


In all of his decisions he asks you questions, he wants you to make decisions together and share in his life and decisions.

Written by Strawberry

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  1. I met my wife when I was twenty. I’m 54 now she’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. Honestly I wouldn’t know how to be with anyone else. Nor would I want to. She was the first person to believe in me. After a horrific unspeakable childhood . She helped me heal brought me back to being a human being. She gave me the loving family I never had. I cherish every moment, every word she speaks. We have never fought over money. I’ve never snooped on her. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I know few people experience love on our level. I thank God everyday for crossing our paths. As cornball as it sounds I knew before she spoke we were going to grow old together. So when people say there’s no such thing as love at first sight I say bollocks.

  2. its true a man who is with you is nothing to hide instead he accept himself and you as her woman, had time for you regardless of busy day, well i can say its good for both part is open and give space the difference of acceptance, love in many ways…. thank you

  3. You are a very beautiful man I want to do this for her I have 56 that have been going through the last eight years alone play the man just wanted to use me for sex or money and I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life I just don’t know why somebody can’t love me

  4. My wife passed away about a year ago and this was my second marriage. I am 64 years old and I thought my life was over. Then I came across this young lady, never believed in love at first sight,. But I almost went bonkers over her. When we started to get serious I found out she was 31 years old. I at times feel awkward because of the age difference. I have already promised her that I will be the best that she could have. I work about 70+ hours a week and she wants for anything. Every thing you have mentioned is me all over. Our relationship is really solid. I’m a bit handicapped and she does anything for me. If I should drop a piece of paper she jumps right in so I won’t have to bend over. She does things for me and I don’t ask her but it seems like she reads my mind. She is definitely a keeper. She has that way that makes me feel way younger than I am. She is definitely my soulmate and she read your article and cried and when I asked her what’s wrong, she replied, that’s us and we will be here for each other till death do us part. She was never married and she is amazed how much different from the men she was with in the past that I am. Enuff babbling, but before I close out I want to give you a big THANK YOU, keep up the great articles.

  5. My Partner David is these all and more i definitely found the one for me , my forever and always . This article put a smile on my face , im thankful for everything he does , David I love you so very much , my one true love , soul mate , thank you for being you .

  6. I agree with you. All 8 signs are damn good ones. Of course there’s more than just 8. Some other important signs might be his willingness to forgive you and love you unconditionally, which I think you touched on that last one. Also maybe him supporting your decisions and supporting you even if he doesn’t agree. You do need to love your partner with all your.heart mind and soul, and yes flaws, mistakes and all. True love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. I dint.think your sig other has to love all the things you do, but to love with the same passion and emotion regardless of your shortcomings. That’s what true love says. A few more to add; kindness and affection may not be a big deal fornse, but for empaths it is up there high on the list. Compr8se is also important as is affective communication. Not bad, not bad at all. Of course in my last relationship I failed at all those things. I ask myself why Everytime she crosses my mind, which is still constantly. I can’t answer that question in all confidence. I know about the trauma and how our brains develop untrue pathways of thought. We both had a lot of trauma so we created a trauma bond. Which is awesome at first, but after years of little to no change in the positive direction. She just gave up on trying to get my attention and trying to get me to provide security and maybe a little extra for the greens and the spa every now and then. So she began to distant herself, put up the wall and unfortunately she got attention elsewhere. I can’t take all the blame for her decisions, but I know that I didn’t take care of her like a husband should his bride. It’s quite ironic because I had just started opening my eyes to how.i had been neglecting my marriage and my.children. I had been stuck in my own world for more than ten years. When I began to awake, I didn’t know it at the time, but I had already waited too long. She had already started a different life without me. A lifestyle that I had no idea she wanted to live. Something that I wouldn’t expect, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me nonetheless. But her heart had already left me years ago. I didn’t react well to her new life and new friends and I said some things I shouldn’t have. Still I wanted to make it work somehow. I knew she had been starved and I thought maybe if I let her do this for herself and still l stay by her side it might make up for some if the past and possibly win her back. Needless to say it didn’t work out. I wish she knew how much I love her, regardless of anything. I didn’t out enough effort into speaking her love language and the rest is history. Anyway, now if you can get someone to do the same article about signs of a faithful woman, you would have it covered. I think you may even get away with just 5. We’re not as complicated, but just as stubborn. Lol. Peace Love! M

  7. It feels amazing knowing I can answer Yes, to every single one of these!! My Michael is all of these plus more! Thank you for your article it was encouraging and uplifting. 🙂❤