“I’m very single because men are terrified I’m pretty and smart”

A woman has claimed she’s “very single” because men are “terrified” by her combination of beauty and intelligence.

Ashley, known on TikTok as @ashbabank, admitted in a now-viral video that people are often surprised to learn she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Additionally, she revealed that no men are currently pursuing her romantically and hinted that she hasn’t been intimate with anyone for eight months.

Ashley, who is also a fashion stylist, believes that many people are shocked by her single status. Despite being “so pretty,” she feels her looks have actually hindered her chances of finding love.


“You’ve got a very terrifying woman on your hands … a very not easy woman,” Ashley explained, referring to her success and natural beauty. She added, “Men don’t like me. Men are very, very terrified of me.” While she acknowledged that some men do like her, she described them as either unavailable or “ugo [ugly] weirdos.”

Ashley elaborated, “Because at the end of the day, I’m merely just a fantasy. I am not a real human because of the pretty and scary. So yes, I’m alone. I’m very, very, very, very single.”

In the video’s caption, Ashley further explained her situation, writing: “Lonely life when you know your worth.”


Many viewers have shared their thoughts in the comments section of her TikTok. One user commented, “Convinced singles are the enlightened ones. We are the main characters living life on our own terms.” Another added, “Same… been told I’m intimidating my whole life. Men don’t even approach me because they think I have too many options.” A third user summed up, “Yup. They idealize you, then at the end resent and hate you for everything they loved and adored about you at the beginning because you bring out all their insecurities. Still single, but happy.”

Another commenter wrote, “You said this perfectly.”

The comment section is filled with people resonating with Ashley’s experience. One person noted, “YUP terrified. So many guys tell me they are intimidated by me,” while another quipped, “Me core. Once they find out I’m a real human with feelings… it’s all over.” And someone else simply penned: “Facts.”

Written by Telha

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