Kandi and Brandi, the Twins Who Lost Weight Together

Discover how Kandi and Brandi, twins, achieved incredible weight loss together, defying the odds. Their inspiring journey awaits!

Kandi and Brandi have been using food to cope with stress since childhood. Seeking solace in sweets due to their parents’ neglect, they later turned to fast food as a distraction from their parents’ busy lives as they grew older.

Kandi and Brandi

This dietary approach led to adverse consequences. The first challenges emerged during their school years when the girls endured relentless bullying from their unkind peers.

As teenagers, they weighed over 220 pounds, and what made matters worse was that their weights continued to climb.

Kandi and Brandi

Subsequently, Kandi and Brandi experienced a rift with their parents and embarked on independent lives. Unfortunately, this transition didn’t significantly alter their eating habits.

The sisters took on sales jobs, but their weight didn’t decrease due to their consumption of unhealthy foods such as fast food, candy, and sugary sodas.

Kandi and Brandi

Their weight made it difficult for them to maintain their jobs, leading to increased discomfort, and ultimately, Kandi and Brandi began experiencing health problems.

Once their weights surpassed 550 pounds, the twins chose to reach out to the well-known television program “My 600-Lb Life” for assistance.

Kandi and Brandi

Consequently, their arduous quest for well-being commenced. Top-tier specialists entered the scene – a dietitian prescribed a diet plan, and psychiatrists provided therapy.


Each sister established her individual weight loss goal. Progress was evident as the pounds melted away.

Kandi and Brandi

Yet, medical necessities led to gastric reduction procedures. Brandi underwent the operation smoothly, while Kandi’s heart condition posed a near-fatal threat, but ultimately, both sisters emerged successfully.

While the show has concluded, the girls remain dedicated to their well-being through regular gym visits and a balanced diet.

Kandi and Brandi

Additionally, Brandi has embarked on a new chapter, finding love, getting married, and starting a family with the birth of her child.

Kandi and Brandi

On the flip side, Kandi has no rush to tie the knot. Her plans include extensive travel and savoring every moment of her new life.

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