Keke Palmer Reacts to Boyfriend’s Outfit Critique

Keke Palmer responds to criticism of her outfit made publicly by her boyfriend candidly and boldly. Learn more here.

Keke Palmer made headlines when her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, went viral for criticizing her sexy outfit worn to Usher’s Las Vegas residency show. In his tweet, Darius, 29, publicly shamed Keke, whom he referred to as his wife, and even reiterated his disapproval in a separate tweet. He argued that a responsible man in today’s generation wouldn’t want the mother of his children revealing her buttocks to please others.

Keke Palmer and Darius became proud parents in February as they welcomed their son named Leodis.


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After crossing paths at a Memorial Day party in 2021, the couple made their relationship public on Instagram in August.


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On Wednesday, Darius tweeted about Keke Palmer’s outfit, stating, “It’s the outfit tho… you’re a mom.” The tweet accompanied a viral video of Keke Palmer being serenaded by the R&B singer with his hit song “There Goes My Baby.”

Keke Palmer

He then added: “We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is. This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case.”

Keke Palmer, the Nope actress, has addressed the incident, choosing not to acknowledge her boyfriend’s hurtful remarks from that night.

She captioned her pics: “I wish I had taken more pictures but we were running late. I am telling y’all right now, if you haven’t seen @usher YOU MUST GO!! HE WAS SO FABULOUS!! Giving theater, Atlanta downnn, tips and tricks and just absolutely iconic. I was truly inspired as a performer. I whooped some a** in spades too! Where is that pic of us all together with the King himself?? @noraradd.”

Keke Palmer

The post featured five snapshots, revealing Palmer donning a sheer black dress layered over a matching thong bodysuit.

She complemented her alluring appearance with gentle curls and a striking red lip color.


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Fans, including celebrities, have flooded the comments section with supportive messages for Keke Palmer.

Keke Palmer

“The Big Boss!! Thank U for coming,” wrote Usher. A fan wrote: “LIVE YOUR DESTINY KEKE! We knew who you were before we knew that man. Respect to you but we still don’t really know that man. Please stay EXPANDING AND IN THIS JOYOUS, JUICY DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY. You need massive masculine energy to HOLD YOU BABY AND YOU DESERVE IT! We rooting for you.”


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Another said: “Don’t let baby daddy dictate what you wear! Put that s–t on.”

What do you think of her boyfriend’s tweet? Do you think moms should wear “certain” outfits? Tell us in the comments below.

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    • I didn’t read your whole response but you did contradict yourself right at the beginning. You are a married woman so you understand where her BOYFRIEND is coming from. Not trying to start a whole thing but they aren’t married. Is she a Mother? Yes. That doesn’t mean she can’t go out and do her thing. Did she go out and cheat? Idk but probably not. She isn’t shaming herself, her boyfriend nor her baby. She was feeling herself and out to have a good time.

    • You’re absolutely right however the way he went about it was really the gasoline on the fire, She’s a very well-known and likable woman Darius address that in private and not on social media son bad move!

      • She didn’t show herself in a private way. It was very public and he responded the same way. In public. He was absolutely right in how he responded and she should ashamed of herself as a public figure and a mother for how she presented herself.

  1. Is there a ring on that finger yet? Did he know how she dressed before they had a baby? He sure didn’t mind then – Keke is a public figure with many many followers – it’s her personality –
    She looked amazing and was going without him could be the real issue … did she do anything inappropriate with another man, I don’t think so
    If you look that good after having a baby – go ahead and flaunt it

  2. Kika wear whatever she wants regardless if she has a husband so he better and that session continue to feel awesome because I’ll dress in a certain way yes when she’s husband and child yes just a friend now when you going out on the concert I’ll buy yourself socializing especially ushers concert why not dress the way she did what’s the problem is your husband insecure

  3. I dont think any woman should dress in a way that pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination whether you are a mom or not, your Breast and Behind should be properly covered i dont have a problem with a little peek a boo here and there, but to have an outfit that is see thru and wear a thong ,with your nipples the only part of your breast thats covered, is a bit much for me,there are so many sexy women out here that dont dress that way,it really makes no sense to me why a woman would feel she has to show everything to look or feel sexy

  4. He is right and thank goodness he thinks that way as I was beginning to think that if people show anymore in public they might as well not bother to dress at all. Good for him.

  5. Although I like to show some curves I am cognizant of what I wear.What parents both moms and dads have to be aware of is how your kids are goin to react down the line when they become teenagers. Their friends are going to see this as well.While some kids are going to think hey your parent is cool,there is going to be others who are going to be nasty about it.Whenbyou have kids think before doing something and say is this how I want to represent myself to my son or daughter in respecting themselves and representing who they are.