Kylie Jenner’s Post For Israel Costs Her 230K Followers

Kylie Jenner’s post sparked uproar, resulting in a loss of 230K followers. Discover the social media sensation’s latest controversy.

Kylie Jenner’s recent expression of support for Israel during a tumultuous Middle East conflict stirred controversy. Swift and substantial fallout ensued, with over 230,000 Instagram followers choosing to unfollow her.

The conflict in the area erupted as Hamas militants launched a deadly attack on their historic foe, leading to a tragic loss of life. Hundreds of individuals, including civilians and security personnel, fell prey to the indiscriminate gunfire of the infiltrating fighters. In retaliation, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system went into high gear, diligently intercepting missile strikes from the opposing group.

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Following these events, Israel responded with airstrikes on Gaza, causing immense human suffering, injuring thousands, and resulting in the loss of hundreds of Palestinian lives.

As tensions continued to rise, Kylie Jenner, along with numerous other celebrities, opted to express her solidarity with Israel via her social media platform. She posted content from the Instagram account @standwithus, which prominently displayed the Israeli flag alongside a corresponding caption, stating: “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel.”

Kylie Jenner’s initial show of support was fleeting, as she swiftly removed the post from her Story. Her followers noticed this quick deletion, leading to a flood of criticism.

Kylie Jenner's post

One person commented, “Too late, we all saw that,” while another inquired about her judgment, stating, “Why did she think that was a good idea?”

Social media users were not shy about expressing their disappointment in what they perceived as performative activism. One critic expressed, “Girl, if that’s what you support, then stand by it. Or was it just more performative activism? Don’t double back now that you’re getting backlash. Smh…”

Another user commented, “It’s very obvious she doesn’t even know what’s happening. She just wants to join the trend,” with a third person adding, “Only for clicks and not knowing history in the celeb world,” echoing a similar sentiment.

Regrettably, Kylie Jenner faced predominantly negative feedback for her social media position. Social Blade reports a substantial drop of more than 230,000 followers on her Instagram account after the contentious post. However, it’s important to maintain perspective, as Jenner retains an impressive following of 399.8 million.

The mass departure from her account stems from a complex interplay of factors, making it hard to pinpoint whether her stance on Israel or the post’s deletion played a pivotal role. Nonetheless, her recent Instagram post is flooded with comments championing the Palestinian cause, urging her to delve into the intricate history of the region before expressing her opinions publicly.

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