Lip Fillers: Woman Has a Powerful Advice

Discover empowering advice on lip fillers from a woman with wisdom. Make informed choices for your beauty journey.

Lip fillers took a nightmarish turn for 27-year-old Jessica Burko when a simple procedure resulted in unexpectedly enormous lips. Now, she has a crucial message for those considering lip augmentation.

Lip fillers aren’t new to her.

Lip Fillers
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She’s experienced with lip fillers, having undergone injections six times without issues.

After winning a giveaway, Jessica Burko chose to get a touch-up a year after her last lip filler treatment.

In a viral TikTok, she revealed, “Immediately after he injected me, I looked in the mirror and realized how swollen I was.”

Despite a prescription, her lips worsened, leading her to return the next day to dissolve the filler.

She took a lesson.

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Thankfully, experts successfully reversed the damage, restoring her lips to their normal size promptly.

Despite the ordeal, the 27-year-old wants her experience to caution women against opting for “free cosmetics.” She humorously shared, “It was a free giveaway that I won, it was for Halloween. He certainly had me looking very scary.”

Despite the mishap, Jessica Burko, a lip filler enthusiast, remains undeterred, stating, “I will be back to my regular girl.” for future injections.

Lip Fillers
© jessicaburko_ / Instagram

Jessica’s regular lip filler specialist suggests the mishap may have occurred due to the other professional “hitting an artery,” given the filler substance had “no clear path to follow.”

The influencer emphasizes a vital message to those who’ve had injections, advising, “If your lips look how mine did, you should be concerned. Get them instantly dissolved and go to someone else.”

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