Meet The Man Who Ate 900 Grams of Metal Everyday

Michel Lotito gained fame for his extraordinary diet, consuming items like an airplane and multiple bikes, surprising both the medical world and the general public with his unique eating habits.

Michel Lotito, born in France, developed an unusual diet at the age of 16 when he ingested a piece of glass, sparking a fascination with consuming non-food items.

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Suffering from pica, an eating disorder, he earned the nickname “Mr. Mange-Tout” for eating almost anything. Despite medical studies revealing his resilient digestive system, doctors couldn’t explain his extraordinary abilities.

Lotito’s routine included breaking down metal into smaller pieces, lubricating with water and mineral oil, and ingesting up to 900 grams of metal daily.

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His bizarre diet included 18 bicycles, 7 TV sets, 2 beds, 15 shopping trolleys, a computer, skis, a waterbed, razors, bolts, and even a Cessna airplane, which took him two years to consume piece by piece.

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Despite his exceptional feats, Lotito had an aversion to soft foods like eggs and bananas. In 1984, he entered the Guinness World Records as The Greatest Omnivore.

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Notably, when presented with a commemorative plaque, he consumed it as well. Lotito, who passed away in 2007 at age 57 from natural causes, left behind a unique story challenging scientific explanation and making a lasting mark in history.

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