Model Gets Mauled by a Dog! Her Transformation Journey is Incredible

In November 2020, Brooklinn Khoury, a young skateboarder, experienced a life-altering event when she fell victim to a pit bull attack, creating a distinct before-and-after in her life. Despite the traumatic incident, Khoury’s resilience and love for life remained intact, showcasing remarkable courage that we find inspiring and wish to share with you.

© brookhoury / Instagram, © brookhoury / Instagram

The incident unfolded in her cousin’s kitchen while she was petting Diesel, an 8-year-old blue nose pit bull she had deemed well-behaved. Suddenly, the dog attacked. Remaining composed, she promptly sought medical attention, but surgeons couldn’t fully repair her injured upper lip. Even in the midst of the chaos, Khoury, unaware her phone had captured a photo, later discovered its importance in aiding her doctor’s understanding of the attack.

© brookhoury / Instagram

In her transparent journey to recovery, she openly shared on Instagram, expressing gratitude for those who supported her through tough times. In one post, she reflected on the uncertainty she faced after the attack and appreciated those who reminded her to trust the process.

© brookhoury / Instagram

Khoury’s resilience is evident as she continues her active lifestyle, skateboarding, spending time with friends, and embracing life wholeheartedly. Her Instagram, a platform often used for presenting idealized versions of life, becomes a space where she authentically shares both the positive and challenging aspects of her experiences, including falls and setbacks.

© brookhoury / Instagram, © brookhoury / Instagram

Despite ongoing surgeries, Khoury celebrated her femininity, exploring new lip glosses at Sephora and sharing her spontaneous joy with the world. Beyond her personal journey, she opened her Instagram account as a supportive space for others facing adversity, encouraging them to reach out for assistance and conversation. Her story is not just about overcoming personal struggles but also about extending a helping hand to those in need.

Written by Telha

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