17 Pics Showing Mother Nature’s Funny Side

A collection of pictures showing the witty and funny side of mother nature

Mother Nature knows how to make jokes. I mean, she really throws some funny, unexpected moves out there.

Viral Strange has collected 17 pictures showing Mother Nature’s funny side, and we promise you will appreciate her witty, cunning moves.

1. The knots in the wood look like a dog

© joelbonsel / Imgur

2. This Tree’s Bum

© OutstandingBill / Reddit

3. Nature censored this safety sign at work, so I can post it without an NSFW label

© cukorbogyo / Reddit

4. Moth with a chicken face on its back

© SenorPeligro / Imgur

5. Walked outside today morning and saw this

© ronaldplett / Reddit

6. Saw this little guy at work. Never seen a pigeon with feathers on its feet.

© ricktr0ll / Reddit

7. Grew a pooping tomato

© Unknown user / Imgur

8. The top of a tree was blown off in a storm. Now it looks like a dude out for a stroll.

© mdegroat / Reddit

9. This watermelon looks like it has tongues.

© Unknown user / Reddit

10. This snake’s defense mechanism is to become a treble clef

© RoachDman / Reddit

11. Eggplant has a long….. nose.

© Gamehenged / Imgur

12. Found these “wands” in the park near a tree they had fallen from. so magical!

© cristinaf / Imgur

13. We found a cow with a skull on its face in Auvergne, France.

© JollyEnglishman / Reddit

14. My ginger has a gnome growing from it.

© slugsongs / Imgur

15. A firefly landed on my dog’s head.

© gonzoveritas / Imgur

16. My chick has winged eyeliner naturally

© Cjinator11 / Reddit

17. A piece of miracle


Which one is the funniest? Tell us in the comments below!

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