Pregnant mom’s viral search for baby name in cemetery

After her search for a baby name sparked some criticism online, Haley Hodge has finally chosen a name for her little one on the way. And yes, it’s one she found in a cemetery.

In May, Hodge went viral for her family’s atypical name-seeking strategy. One of her TikToks filmed while exploring a cemetery reached 2.7 million viewers and stirred up a host of mixed reactions. Some were unnerved by the idea of taking inspiration from the dead, while others supported Hodge’s outside-the-box thinking.

Hodge and her husband, Rivers, found their future child’s name on a headstone. Last week, the expecting mom of three — and soon-to-be four — posted a TikTok to announce that her daughter will be called Salem. In the video’s overlaying text, Hodge shared that the name means “peaceful, safe” and “complete.”

“As far as the name went my favorite has been Salem since I saw the one in the graveyard. My husbands favorite was Sailer (which we also found in a graveyard). However, we did a tie breaker by having all of our family vote on their favorite.”

Hailey Hodge

The TikTok creator also detailed why Salem stood out while they were looking for ideas at the Old Smithville Burying Ground in Southport, North Carolina. According to her post, the moniker was inspired by a U.S. Coast Guard veteran who fought in World War II, per his engraved headstone.

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