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Strangest Reasons That Made Famous People Get Locked Up In Prison

A list of reasons and dumb things our beloved hollywood stars did to get themselves gettitng arrested.

Celebrities are usually a class of intelligent and hardworking people that always try to maintain a very respected profile of themselves, but not always is just like this because sometimes they do the most bizarre things you can encounter. The great fame they have getts on their mind and make them think that they are above the law or other people, and can easily get out of trouble just because they are famous stars.

We at Viral Strange are going to list for you a couple of the dumbest reasons a celebrity got himself arrested.

1. Bill Murray got himself arrested because he had with him 10 pounds of Marijuana.


2. Azealia Banks bit a bouncer who didn’t recognize her on the boob.


3. Reese Witherspoon protested her husband’s DUI charge instead of just simply accepting it and got herself arrested as well. She said it was a dumb move by her.


4. 50 Cent got arrested for saying mother***er in one of his concerts because the Caribbean country has punishments for swearwords.


5. T.I. got arrested for trying to get inside his own house. He tried to enter his home at 4 am when he had forgotten his key and got into an argument with a security guard who called the cops.


6. Matthew McConaughey got arrested for playing the bongos while being nude. He was at home during that time but it was completely visible from other people and neighbors passing by, this made the police intervene for public nudity.


7. Josh Brolin was arrested for being drunk on a sidewalk on New Year’s Eve in 2013. He was let go after sobering up. Let’s say Thanos lose his war with the alcohol.


8. Justin Bieber got arrested for doing drag racing in Miami Beach at 4 am. Going 60 in a 30 mph road, he was charged with resisting arrest, driving with an expired license, and DUI.


9. Gucci Mane got arrested for being aggressively creepy and stalker towards a woman. He tried to give her $150 to go back to his hotel room and pushed her out of his moving car when she said no.


10. Sam Worthington got arrested for starting a fight with a bouncer who didn’t let him inside a club because he was too drunk. Police also pepper-sprayed him before the arrest.


11. Shia Lebouf got arrested for multiple offenses, In the middle of one of his performances in front of the NYC museum he pushed a man, pulled his scarf, and scratched his face also for jaywalking, constantly. He would constantly try and tease the police by jaywalking outside the bar in front of them. They asked him to stop but he made a resistance.


12. Jim Morrison got arrested because he exposed his genitals to the audience while he was on stage.


13. Tim Allen was arrested for having 1.4 pounds of cocaine in his pocket. He used to be a drug dealer at the time and was given a lighter sentence for ratting out his comrades.


14. Wiz Khalifa got arrested for refusing to get off his hoverboard. Like a real child, he refused to stop playing with his toys at LA airport where he was asked to stop using the hoverboard.


Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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