Survivor with 96% Body Burns Shakes Beauty Industry

An inspiring survivor defies all odds, transforms beauty industry with her 96% body burns. Learn more here.

A survivor of a horrific bus crash, Catrin Pugh defied the odds with her remarkable resilience. At 19, she endured burns on 96% of her body, facing a mere 1% chance of survival.

Survival seemed almost impossible for Catrin Pugh.


Catrin Pugh, a North Wales native, had a love for adventure. Her life changed drastically in 2013 when a fiery bus crash left her with severe burns on her face, arms, legs, and torso. With only a 1% chance of survival, she defied the odds, with only her feet and patches on her scalp remaining unscathed.

She had 200 surgeries.

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Pugh’s unwavering determination prevailed against all odds. After enduring 200 surgeries and rigorous rehabilitation, she triumphed over her injuries. Today, as a burn survivor, she dedicates herself to supporting fellow trauma victims.

“My main goal is to show people that you can have a life after such trauma and such traumatic injury and life can be fulfilling and positive and whatever you want it to be,” said Catrin.

Against all odds, Catrin Pugh persevered and turned her dreams into reality.

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Pugh’s post-accident achievements surpass expectations. As a physiotherapist and motivational speaker, she inspires global audiences. Additionally, she advocates for burn survivors, partnering with charities to enhance lives and spread hope worldwide.

Pugh’s remarkable achievements earned her accolades like the Helen Rollason Award. She represents Avon, models at London Fashion Week, and supports a charity for individuals with unique appearances.

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Catrin Pugh’s extraordinary tale showcases unwavering resilience and determination. Despite unimaginable challenges, she defied the odds, rebuilt her life, and became an inspiration to all.

Despite experiencing both highs and lows, she never wavered in her determination, expressing, “I’d like to think people would look at me and see that the future looks bright, but I don’t think it’s as simple as that.”

Catrin Pugh’s achievements inspire those in adversity, reminding us of the strength of the human spirit.

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