This Leopard Gecko Is The Happiest You’ll Ever See

This leopard gecko is the happiest when he’s near its favorite gecko toy. Just look at the pictures and you will see for yourself!

This leopard gecko is the happiest when he’s near his favorite gecko toy! I mean… How adorable is that? Most people love cute little animals, and geckos do not fall behind!

It was first introduced to us by Youtuber Taylor Nicole Dean. This leopard gecko loves his toy so much that he is the happiest when around it.

His name is Kohaku and counts more than 37K followers on Instagram! His pictures are so adorable and transmit such positive energy! People love pictures and videos of his daily life.

If you’re feeling blue or having a not-so-nice day, stop for a minute and breathe. Look at these pictures of this cutie near his gecko toy!

1. Meet Kohaku, the leopard gecko!

leopard gecko

2. He has more than 37K followers on Instagram 🙂

3. Kohaku loves his gecko toy!

leopard gecko

4. His pics are so adorable

5. It is not weird that a gecko loves another gecko! Even if it is a toy…

leopard gecko

6. This leopard gecko is the happiest when around his toy.

leopard gecko

7. The cutest reptile!

8. People love his charisma!


9. He was born in 2015, and is the most adorable gecko out there!

leopard gecko

Do you like geckos? What about other animals? What do you think about this cutie named Kohaku? Isn’t he adorable? Tell us in the comment!

Written by Awat Dhahir

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