This Is How These 10 Worldwide Famous Kids Look Like Now

Kids who once were worldwide famous for their beauty

There have been kids who became worldwide famous for their beauty. They’re grown up now, and this is how they look:

1. Lucky Blue Smith, 23 years old

© luckybsmith/Instagram, © luckybsmith/Instagram

2. Lily Chee, 18 years old

© lilychee/Instagram, © lilychee/Instagram

3. Anna Zak, 20 years old

© annazak12/Instagram, © annazak12/Instagram

4. Malina Weissman, 18 years old

© malinaweissman/Instagram, © malinaweissman/Instagram

5. Yara Shahidi, 21 years old

© yarashahidi/Instagram, © yarashahidi/Instagram

6. Peyton List, 23 years old

© peytonlist/Instagram, © peytonlist/Instagram

7. Audreyana Michelle, 22 years old

© audreyanamichelle/Instagram, © audreyanamichelle/Instagram

8. Thomas Kuc, 19 years old

© thomasnkuc/Instagram, © thomasnkuc/Instagram

9. Mackenzie Foy, 20 years old

© mackenziefoy/Instagram, © mackenziefoy/Instagram

10. Thylane Blondeau, 20 years old

© thylaneblondeau/Instagram, © thylaneblondeau/Instagram

Which one do you think has changed more? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. All children change a lot over the first 18 years of their lives. This transformation is most noticeable from 14 to 18 years old. On the other hand, we can have a child who at 10/12 years old is beautiful, but with the “turn in age” he can become much less beautiful.
    The opposite also happens, a child who is ugly until the age of 14/15 can also become a young and beautiful being. This holds true for both sexes.
    Have a great day everyone

    • 2,5,6,7,9 don’t look to have blue eyes. I wouldn’t say they all have blonde hair either. You live in a tiny world if you are jealous of children and can’t appreciate beauty no matter the colours it comes in