This Zoo Lets You Name a Cockroach After Your Ex And Feed it To an Animal

San Antonio Zoo’s innovative fundraiser, “Cry Me a Cockroach,” has garnered widespread attention for its unique Valentine’s Day twist, providing participants with an opportunity to symbolically get closure or seek revenge on an ex. The fundraiser allows individuals to name a cockroach after their former significant other and witness it being fed to an animal.

Beyond just cockroaches, this peculiar event extends its offerings to rats and vegetables, giving participants a broader spectrum of options to symbolically associate with not-so-special someones from their past.

The fees collected from this quirky naming endeavor contribute to the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts, presenting a creative and unconventional approach to fundraising in support of wildlife preservation.


The international spotlight on this event underscores its appeal and uniqueness, marking it as a standout initiative in the realm of both fundraising and wildlife conservation.

With its latest iteration, the “Cry Me a Cockroach” fundraiser promises an even more sensational and engaging experience, emphasizing the San Antonio Zoo’s commitment to combining creativity with purpose in their pursuit of supporting conservation initiatives.


This attention-grabbing event not only provides a distinctive platform for individuals to navigate the complexities of past relationships but also serves as a testament to the zoo’s dedication to fostering both entertainment and environmental responsibility.

Written by Telha

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