When Parents Treat Their Adult Children Like Kids

Some parents just can’t (or don’t want to) accept that their kids ae adults now. And they will remind you about it, for sure.

In this post Viral Strange presents you with a collection of the funniest times people have posted things their parents did on the internet. Enjoy!

“So for my bday my mom made matching ties for me and my cat”


“I am lucky to have a Korean mother, otherwise I would be so dirty.”

funny parents treat

“Today I turned 28. My mom insisted on “taking a picture with the balloon.””

funny parents treat

“Mom fixed up a knee hole in my pants. i’m 23 but i love it.”


“My mother comes in and says, “Bought this 20 years ago, totally forgot about it…here.””


“I turned 31 today and this is the cake my mother gave me…”


“I turn 21 today and my dad posted this on his Facebook.”


“Dad being dad.”

good dad

“thx mom 4 the onesie”


“Even though I’m 21, this is what I get when my dad makes me lunch.”


“There were b**bs on-screen, so my mother took action. I am a 22 year old gay man.”


“Dad’s method to guarantee responsible driving”


“My mom thinks I am 5 still.”


“5 years later, now 28 years old…parents still making me feel like a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad!”


“I’m off to college. My mom handed me this and told me this is the only cup I can drink beer/alcohol out of.”


“This was my parents gift to me this year. I’m a 20 year old girl. Best wrapping paper ever!”


“good thing my mom treats me like a mature adult and packed me this for snack”


“Had my girlfriends parents over for dinner for the first time , her dad wore this.”

funny parents treat

“I’m almost 40. My mom knitted this for me for Christmas.”


“Just a grown adult riding in a shopping cart while her mother shops”


Written by Tobias Gallmetzer

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