Woman mistook a purse bobble for a hedgehog and took it to the vet

A woman hurried to a wildlife hospital in Britain with what she thought was a baby hedgehog she had cared for, only to find out it was actually a pom-pom from her purse, leaving with both the box and the pom-pom in a mix of embarrassment and amusement.

In a flurry of concern and compassion, a woman dashed into a wildlife hospital in Britain clutching what she was convinced was a tiny, vulnerable hedgehog.

She had spent the night tending to it, nurturing it back to what she hoped would be health. However, as she presented her precious charge to Dr. Janet Kotze, the veterinarian on duty, she was met with a bewildered expression.Dr. Kotze, taken aback by what she saw, carefully examined the container the woman held.

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Inside was not a hedgehog, but a small, fluffy pom-pom, the kind often seen adorning purses or clothing. Shocked, Dr. Kotze gently explained the mix-up to the woman, unable to contain her own disbelief at the situation. With a mix of embarrassment and incredulity, the woman processed the revelation.

It wasn’t a tiny creature she had been caring for; it was a mere fashion accessory. “You’re joking,” she exclaimed, grappling with the reality of the situation.

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With a wry smile, Dr. Kotze assured her that indeed, it was just a bobble.The woman left the hospital, undoubtedly feeling a mix of relief and amusement, carrying both the box and the pom-pom.

And while the ordeal might have been a bit embarrassing, it certainly provided a memorable tale for all involved.

Written by Telha

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