10 Common Realizations When You Are Single for a Long Time

Being single for a long time makes you realize a lot of things. Some are good for your growth, while some are your plain observations.

Viral Strange came up with the 10 common realizations when you are single for a long time:

1. You have become so independent that you no longer feel the need to be in a relationship.

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You become so used to being alone that you find being with someone so cheesy and corny.

2. When you are single for a long time, you feel like being in a relationship is not for you.

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You had failed relationships in the past, and you are scared to open up to someone again. You do not want to feel the same draining feeling. You do not want to feel that feeling that you are not good enough.

3. You do not like the idea of flirting anymore because you are too old for that thing.

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Maybe if you will love again, you want it to be for good. You want someone to be open to settling down. Someone who is not is only after short-lived happiness.

4. You are open to the idea that you will be single forever.

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Instead of wasting your time on hook-ups, you spend your time raising your purr babies. They serve as your family and your ultimate mood-booster during your darkest days. 

5. It is not true that single people are bitter with other people’s relationships.

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You are happy for people that found the love they deserved. You do not feel bad for being single, but you are supportive instead.

6. You are not longing for a partner because you feel secure with yourself.

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You do not  feel the need to have someone to complete your life because you are already whole for who you are.

7. You feel so much pressure at some point.

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There was a point when you felt so much pressure to be in a relationship because you are not getting younger anymore. But you have successfully surpassed that stage. You realized that being in a relationship is not for everyone. The same goes for marriage and having kids.

8.You tend to stay at home most of the time.

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Your room becomes your safe zone. You have become more of a home buddy. You rarely go out, only if those are important errands.

9. You do not need someone to make you happy.

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You are happy being single. You do not wish to have someone in your life now. You are blessed to have genuine friends and loved ones all along.

10. You are smarter with your decisions.

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You do not force anything to happen because you will never settle for a cheap and temporary relationship. You do not hate the idea of love. But you are not desperate for it too.

You are at the point of your life that when love happens, it happens. But if it does not, it is no longer a big deal for you. You continue to live life with a big smile.

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Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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