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    Widen Your Eyes, Most Craziest See Through Celebrity Dresses

    From the craziest see-through dresses to the exposure of flesh, we present to you the spiciest outfits of the female celebrities on the red carpet. Starting from models Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner to the most visually pleasure creature for your eyes: Megan Fox and Irina Shayk. They have showed more than we can bare […] More

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    Dead Man Plays a Pre-Recorded Message at His Funeral, People Go CRAZY!!

    Have you thought about what words would everybody read on your funeral? Who would you like to have a speech in front of you coffin and the people gathered to mourn your death? Well, one smart man seems like it had… Shay Bradley was the genius from Ireland who passed away and wished to see […] More

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    Model Dismissed From Her BFF Wedding Because She Looked Too Hot

    We mean… who wouldn’t want all the attention to themselves on one’s weeding day right? Especially when you’re the bride. Girls would get it… Having a best friend who is hotter than one always may have caused a beef between two girls, because she gets all the attention. The big question is: Would you invite […] More