16 Celebs Breastfeeding in Public With Pride

A collection of celebrity mamas that breastfeed in public with pride

It is a spicy topic when it comes to breastfeeding in public. Many people say that breastfeeding in public should not be allowed because it “disturbs” or “distracts” other people around. On the other hand, others support every mama breastfeeding their child in public because not only it is not a shame, a child comes before anything else!

Viral Strange has collected 16 pictures of celebrity mamas breastfeeding their babies in public to support other moms to do it with pride!

Amanda Seyfried

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Kourtney Kardashian

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Gwen Stefani

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Kate Hudson

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Paola Mayfield

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Shay Mitchell

Alanis Morissette

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Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Chrissy Teigen

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Amy Schumer

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Hilary Duff

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Lauren Hashian (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

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Heidi Montag

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Troian Bellisario

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What is your opinion on breastfeeding in public? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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        So if a man old man or Grandpa man look at any kind of woman that’s breastfeeding her child he’s the pervert and then it’s totally up to the mother nursing whether she wants to nurse right then

    • Right you are! Totally natural, no big deal here… article just showing natural gorgeous pics… well, most of them anyway, some are just lame and should not be included here, if no boob nor baby is shown, they should’ve been cut!

    • Agreed 100% Boob not in use by babee should have been fully exposed for the whole world to enjoy! Nat Geo mags with them floppy ones just don’t cut it anymore!

    • It is a natural thing but very personal and everyone doesn’t want to see it. They make all kinds of things to cover up with. There are other things that are natural but you don’t see people with their pants down doing it. .

      • I agree with you. And I agree it is natural and no one is saying that it isn’t but the whole world doesn’t need to see this. Esp if someone is blatantly going it just to “show off” that they can as a statement to the world. Everyone that I’ve ever known that brest feeds when they go out covers up. Also a lot of these are just in poor taste as they don’t even show the natural side of it. They are just doing it to post a very distasteful pic that also puts a bad light onto the whole brest feeding point that this Fred is trying to show. Like how one of them is on the bathroom counter with the brest sucking cups around her nipples. It’s things like that, that give this stuff a bad name and completely goes against the point you all are trying to make and just continues the stereotype that it is something sexual rather then natural.

  1. I think it’s fantastic! It’s normal. It’s beautiful and if you are able. It’s also free. Formula is expensive stuff. I thought it was expensive when I had kids, but damn it’s outrageous now. Back to the topic. I don’t know who decided that women should be ashamed of breastfeeding, or should hide it, or that it was somehow sexual. It’s a natural thing that a lot of bodies can do to feed their babies. Why can’t everyone just look at it with eyes like that? Wait a minute. I forgot about the audience I was addressing. Dammit 😒 🙄

    • Absolutely! I will never understand the ridiculously affected prudish view that so many in this country have towards breastfeeding in public. I have encountered so may men AND women having such aggressive reactions to a mother feeding her baby naturally. I have traveled all over the world, and most places do not see this in a toxic way! I am as American as bulgogi tacos, and I have never ever been bothered or made upset by a baby drawing sustenance from a popped out boobie! It’s only beautiful!

      • I think the long term damage that nestle did creating formula and than marketing it that it was better than breast milk. I’ve a hundred years later, congressional hearing and they still have no shame when it comes to their history and the lasting damage their legacy has done, especially in countries that don’t have potable water.

  2. Breastfed both of my kids. In public covered us up with a receiving blanket. At a restaurant patio. A woman complained to the waiter. I turned my back to her. She sent the waiter over again. I got my husband and sister to move to block her “view”.
    I couldn’t help but think when I my son got older and stopped breastfeeding that my breastfeeding had gone back to being boobs. And can’t help to point out in all those occasions of breastfeeding people see less than whats on display on a red carpet or TV show.

    • You were better than I! I would had stayed were my baby and I was NOT covered up cause that was her issue not mine. And if you were on a patio it was to warm to cover, if she can be comfortable so can my baby.

    • The ones who finds anything bad should be taken for a councelling, the ones who finds it arousing should be taken to jail or a psychiatrist, the one who finds nothing in it should be loved more or they must love their mother further more.

    • Well you respectful fed your baby good for you, that woman just just being rude. Breastfeeding is natural so is making a baby but I don’t want to see that either. If you do it without showing everything that’s being respectful to everyone so everyone else should be respectful to you.

    • Well done for covering yourself up. That woman was wrong. But yes i feel i dont want to see other big breasts hanging out. The way you did it was respectfull. That woman just wanted to stirr

    • Breastfeeding is natural and is great for the baby. However, exposing your entire breast in public is tacky. Partial coverage keeps your feeding between mother and child ….not a public event!

  3. In a highly sexualised society where perverts are rife….i personally used discretion everytime…its a private and personal thing imo. Plus not everyone is comfortable you dropping your top and flashing the milk bar in everyones face! 😏

  4. Maybe it’s me but this just feels like an opportunity to gratuitously show famous women baring a breast. Does anyone still have a hang up over breastfeeding a baby? No one I know.

    • Yes some people are just this stupid. I just do not see how a woman can have an issue with another woman feeding her baby. If they don’t like it don’t look. It’s sad that more moms don’t breast feed but the hospital do not push it at all. It’s like that is more work for them to help new moms so they would rather just throw some formula at them instead of helping them learn things to do to get a baby to latch on correctly.

      • Hospital do push for it here in Adelaide, Australia. And they can push too much for it. Sadly with my three sons I was sick with all of them and had to go on antibiotics. Which totally killed my milk supply.
        My third son, he was 7 days old and I was back in hospital with pneumonia. I felt cheated on with my breast feeding with all my boys, as I really wanted to do it.
        You will find many women want to do it, but there are also many reasons WHY they can’t do it.
        Not just because they don’t want to do it. 😢😢😢😢

        • Similar here, I wanted to do badly with both of my boys but my milk didn’t have the same idea. And before anyone says anything- I fed, pumped, did everything possible- just couldn’t. I’m so jealous, I really wish I had that bonding experience.

  5. Honestly, a little weirded out by the double pump action with the nipple cutouts, but breastfeeding is about as natural as you can get. Then again I’m a boomer, boobs were no big thing when I was young. Everyone had em out at the beach and nipples were not seen as porn or taboo. Different era, new taboos.🙄

    • Used to be all over beach, at least Europe. No one bothering. Most of these so called celebrity, have no idea who they are. Most are taken inside,and one in bright green, a definite pose for publicity. I fed my 3sons, but no fuss back then,and mostly fed at home, a wrap helps. Most of the pictures, the people, would possibly wear less if at a function.

  6. I will never understand why a naked woman on a beach is completely acceptable, but feeding your child the very best way possible is offending? I was a proud breastfeeding mom 45 years ago, I didn’t care what anyone thought, I would do it again!!

  7. Absolutely natural absolutely correct. Baby is hungry, feed the little ‘un.
    Why is this even a discussion/talking point? If mummy is able to feed naturally then enjoy the moment. That one special, close, binding moment that should be nurtured without question publically or privately. Bless the moment

  8. Its natural what is the big problem gotta feed the babies he’ll I wouldn’t be here without my mom milk ,I got same attitude as these beautiful mothers I don’t give a damn about others thoughts

    • That’s true it’s a natural thing and it is beautiful as I fed my 3 kids and I had alot of milk . What pisses me off is that people carry on when you got your boob out feeding the baby , but nothing when you are flaunting them out everywhere and this pisses me off

  9. Women should not have to hide their boobs to begin with! It is totally natural. It’s society that’s the problem. You don’t like it? Don’t look at it!

  10. People need to stop making a big deal about breastfeeding. It’s a natural form of a mother and child not only bonding but it’s the best form of getting the child what it needs to grow up healthy. I hope that more women would breastfeed there kids. We relying on companies to feed our children and that is why there are shortages on formula. There is nothing wrong with a baby taking it’s mothers breast for milk. Heck you see more disgusting stuff on tv and out and about these days. We should be more worried about what’s going on in this world then being upset about a mother feeding her baby.

  11. As a man even i say that there is nothing more beautifull to look at as a woman breastfeeding her child. It’s a natural thing, why are there people that are complaining about something as beautifull as this.

  12. I agree it’s a normal thing.. so it shouldn’t b a big deal. I think more Mommies should do it. It’s healthy for the baby, their lil bodies will b ammune to a lot more of all this shit going around the world.

  13. As a woman who could not have children and whom has since had a double mastectomy without reconstruction and is now an 11yr breast cancer survivor with a 20+ year career in Physical Therapy I found these photos / these woman beautiful. Breastfeeding is natural and so is the human body. These woman were tasteful, respectful and proper in caring for thier babies needs. Some of these were obviously on their own homes where I say anything goes! Hey, with a double mastectomy do I have to wear a top in public? Lol. I am taking this moment to remind all men and women, please do self-breast exams and ladies get your mamograms. Self-exam saved my life!!

  14. I personally dont see or have a problem with mothers breast feeding in public. But I do think it can also be done with some digression. Like it wouldnt hurt to just put some kind of light cover over your shoulder, or to cover a little.

  15. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, but dont believe the lies! If they didnt care they wouldnt make such a deal about letting everyone know. They crave the attention and the judgement so they can lecture everyone else and be in the limelight of some cause!

  16. I agree what’s the big freaking deal. It’s okay for normal , models and actresses that are not breast feeding but just showing her breast is okay to some people. Honestly I think they jealous and wish they were on those nips. Lol

  17. Why is this even an issue. Your child is hungry… you give them food. Breasts have been so sexualized than normal, natural things have become taboo?? Crazy…. feed the baby. It’s the best thing for them! I breastfed both mine till they weaned themselves at 13 mos and 10 mos. Didn’t matter where I was .. Walmart, movie theater, restaurant… It’s not like you have to completely disrobe to do it. I’ve even fed walking down the midway at accounting fair. It’s all natural and the best thing for the baby. Which one of us doesn’t want to give our child the best of everything. Breast milk is geared to where your child is in development your body knows.

  18. Loved seeing these pics. Breastfeeding is the best way forward , it’s natural, n no sterilising, n making up feeds. Also helps mum bounce back into shape faster, and help uterus contract down faster

  19. Yes its natural and when nature calls for it meaning our babies are crying for a feed I wouldn’t care what others think when my child is hungry unless you want your child to starve now tht ain’t right

  20. I nursed my baby for 10 months. I nursed my baby in public but always covered any exposed area with a baby blanket. The pic of Alanis with her probably one year old was kinda disturbing to me. I also saw in real life ( working as a nurse in a Dr. Office ) a 3 yr old toddler walk to his mother , pull up her shirt ( no bra) and started nursing. A 3 yr old can drink from a supply cup. Fine if you want to nurse until he starts school but pump it for heavens sake & put in a cup. I was flabbergasted & told the patient I’ll come back later to get your vital signs. I was proud to nurse my baby but I’m not gonna put my bosom on display for the world. I guess I’m modest and old fashioned.

    • I am 76 years old. My Mother breastfed all four of her children. The first one was still feeding when he was 2.5 years old and my next brother was born. Mother told him, the 2 year old, that baby had to grow up because new baby needed the food. She said it was not unusual for children to nurse until 3 or 4 years old. I breast fed my two , but only about six months. It is the best.

  21. I breast fed both my children but didn’t need to expose myself. Cover up, there’s lots of cover ups available. Modestly is sadly a thing of the past especially by Hollywood.

  22. I`m sorry but these are obviously staged to show that there are celebrities who breastfeed their babies rather than they do it in public, when did anyone last see any of these women sitting in a public place e,g, KFC or her favourite restaurant with her openly breast feeding her baby? …never from what I can gather. Obviously Kourtney Kardashian is laying on her bathroom counter which I don`t think that many members of the public visit, the only one near to feeding in public is Alanis Morissette who appears to be in a minibus with family or friends So maybe change the title of this article to “Celebrity mums who also breastfeed their babies”.

  23. Not a surprise.

    It’s normal.

    It’s natural.

    Only horny people will judge and imagine evil.

    Ordinary woman have more beautiful breasts than celebrities.

    Afterall, all are human living under the same sun.

  24. There’s absolutely no shame in breastfeeding anywhere, it’s the most amazing natural thing to do. Our babies need to eat just as much as anyone and if that’s the Mam’s choice then so be it…. We are in the 21st century for goodness sake…. Get a grip people and let them babies feed whatever and wherever they want! Rant over 😁👶👩‍🦰

  25. My wife didn’t for her own reasons, but people being small minded are the bain of society if a mother can’t do what is natural (if she is able to) to feed her baby without people thinking of it as sexual or not right then we are doomed.
    I got asked in a coffee shop once if it was OK for a mother to breastfeed her baby all I said is you don’t need to ask me if I wasn’t comfortable with you that would be my problem & I would move, she continued saying that she got told to stop last time by a woman with young children saying it was wrong & perverted even though she was covered with a blanket.
    I really don’t get people.

  26. I wonder if the people that wants to cry over this realise: that is actually what they [ze boobs] are there for. They have two functions: 1- to attract a mate. 2- if said mate successfully copulated, then to feed the offspring

    • It can be done discreetly without making it a big deal. They arent showing any more of their breast than they do when they wear the celeb dresses at the different big events.

  27. Americans REALLY need to grow up!
    Breasts are NOT decorations!

    They serve a specific biological purpose.
    There is no reason why a mother shouldn’t tend to the needs of their infant at any time as is necessary.

    It’s not only seeing to the hunger needs of the child, it’s also a very important bonding and nurturing need of the child.

    Personally, I find it a supremely beautiful and wonderful sight.

  28. Never should a woman be embarrassed to breastfeed in public it’s God’s natural way to feed your baby with all the right nutrition and vitamins you can’t get in formula

  29. I personally don’t understand why men have to think sexually about things and have to say that breastfeeding is somewhat sexual no it isn’t it’s just a mother feeding their child and that’s what all others should look at it as also. It’s a natural thing and also a necessary thing for their child. It’s a natural thing and if you can’t look at it as that than your just a childish that needs to grow up and become an adult. By the way this is coming from a man himself. Have a good day

  30. I breast fed in public all the time. I just didn’t flash everyone. A blanket over the shoulder gives a sence of modesty. It’s not a fashion statement to breast feed. It’s a meal for your baby.

  31. I don’t understand what the big deal is,it’s the best way to feed your baby if you can….if someone makes a big deal of it I think it’s because they are immature…like a kid who sees his first tittie in national geographic.

  32. I love these pictures. It’s not cool to stare, which is ironic because it’s one of the most beautiful sights in nature. My blood pressure calms down just seeing this great bonding.
    So the picture solves the problem. I’m delighted that these moms were not shy and willing to share. There are plenty of paintings by the old masters, the pre-internet version of this. 💙

  33. It’s healthy for baby and normally for Mama. Lots of natural antibodies past from mama to baba through breastmilk. Tailored nutrition for baby.
    It’s not without painful complications but when it goes well it’s great for littles one immunity. Have breastfed twice my boys are healthy and happily growing into teens now. So glad could give them the best start I could even if it were only for a few months each. Every drop counts early on.

  34. One of the most beautiful sights is that of a mother unabashedly breast feeding her little one. No good reason why they need to hide under a blanket etc. No legitimate reason wht they shouldn’t be able to do so wherever and when ever.
    Those who’ve an issue with it, it is a them problem. Don’t like what you see. Look elsewhere!!!

  35. I wish I could have done it with my kids but, I had my 3 step children living with us and she told me I couldn’t breastfeed my children because it was inappropriate to do so in front of her children, so l didn’t do it. She’s a [email protected]#$h and put me through hell. My last daughter was a set of triplets and I lost 2 of them,I had a lot of milk.

  36. I breastfed both of my children in private and in public back in 1983 and 86 when it wasn’t so acceptable
    I love every second of it and am very close to both my kids now ages 37 and 39

  37. My name is Denise Notsch it was 1983 I had a baby girl. It was tuff but I breast fed I got ridiculed, told I should quit that it was not right , that it was nasty. I had to hide to feed her. I had 5 children all together and I breast fed them all. I am happy that all has changed and that it has become a great thing again. Very proud of all who can be free to make the right choices

  38. In today’s world on the one hand yes it’s the way God made us to literally nourish our babies , buuut on the other hand in public you can garner some very unwanted attention…and everyone is a photographer/videographer these days at the push of a button. I personally liked being covered up while feeding when in public 🤷 jmo.

  39. Everyone else eats in public, nothing wrong with a little baby enjoying some milk before cookies and donuts! Time for people to step back, wake up, and realize we don’t control WHEN our baby gets hungry! So there’s nothing wrong with feeding them in public, when we eat in public to WHEN we’re hungry! #ItsJustFeedingTheBaby #NomNom #ItsJustMilkBeforeCookiesAndDonuts