20 Celebs Breastfeeding in Public With Pride

A collection of celebrity mamas that breastfeed in public with pride

It is a spicy topic when it comes to breastfeeding in public. Many people say that breastfeeding in public should not be allowed because it “disturbs” or “distracts” other people around. On the other hand, others support every mama breastfeeding their child in public because not only is it not a shame, but a child comes before anything else!

Viral Strange has collected 20 pictures of celebrity mamas breastfeeding their babies in public to support other moms to do it with pride!

Amanda Seyfried

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Kourtney Kardashian

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Gwen Stefani

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Kate Hudson

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Paola Mayfield

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Shay Mitchell

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Alanis Morissette

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Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Chrissy Teigen

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Amy Schumer

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Hilary Duff

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Lauren Hashian (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

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Heidi Montag

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Troian Bellisario

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Gisele Bündchen

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Teresa Palmer

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What is your opinion on breastfeeding in public? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. when one of my babies were just maybe a few weeks old I had to take them into a lab for them to have blood drawn. The infant was hungry so I asked where I could breastfeed the baby and I was dirrected to the ladys bath room with multiple stales.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding in public. One needs to feed their baby when the baby is hungry. What’s the big deal. Everyone has seen breasts before. Babies need to eat. Oh well… Get over it!!

    • And I suppose you are gods gift are ya ? What a stupid and disgusting thing to say .obviously you have no consideration for other people . If you have nothing positive to say I think you shouldn’t bother . Then again saying that there’s always a few dickheads out there and you unfortunately are one of them

  3. I breatfed my girls no matter where I was at 33 years ago and know one said anything I don’t know why they are making a big deal about it unless they’re actress and need the attention

  4. When it comes to breast feeding its all in what the mother is comfortable with.if it bothers you then move along.its no different than you sitting on a park bench eating your to go order from a restaurant.babies have to eat too.

  5. I was born in France, where hardly nobody makes a fuss about nursing in public. In fact, people rarely pay attention because, as others have said. It’s a natural and necessary thing.

  6. Don’t have any problem with any women breastfeeding and taking care of their child in public.

    I do have an issue with staged breastfeeding or expressing in public (e.g. Kourtney Kardashian) and when they apply make-up to the baby to get the right photo.
    Breastfeeding is natural, applying make-up to a baby is not.

    • Yup, no problem with REAL breastfeeding, but STAGING it is just so FAKE…and the staged pumping with holes cut out of a shirt looks like something on a stripper pole – makes me think of a milking machine on a Holstein’s teats. You KNOW if some rando happened along and whipped out a camera, they would scream “pervert”. Narcissism – same type of people that HAVE to post pictures of EVERY meal before they eat it -NO ONE CARES, get over yourself.

  7. Making a big deal about women’s nipples is so 1900’s. Anybody with a phone can search really awful stuff. A bared breast is nothing anymore. Feed those hungry babies.

  8. The most natural thing for a Mother is to feed her baby from her Breast. That’s what and why God put mammary glands and breasts on women, so they can be Mothers in every detail and function.

  9. I was extremely self-conscious with my first son. One night, out to dinner, he was hungry. I got up to go to the car. The owner of the restaurant came to inquire if I was okay. I assured her I was,but I was stepping out to car to nurse the baby. She said, you’ll do no such thing! And if anyone in this establishment says a single word to you, tell them to come speak to me. I will happily walk them out the door!!

  10. First of all, baby is hungry and you want your baby to be as healthy as you want them to be, of course breast feeding is the way to go. No matter were you at you have to break it out and feed them. It is natural not porn.

  11. This is one of those complicated topics that in this time and age, so reflects many opinions and concerns. From cultural to religious, age and safety, best to do as you feel safe and secure doing within your environment of choice. We live in a not so civilised and sensible world as we would like.

  12. Everyone else eats in public, nothing wrong with a little baby enjoying some milk before cookies and donuts! Time for people to step back, wake up, and realize we don’t control WHEN our baby gets hungry! So there’s nothing wrong with feeding them in public, when we eat in public to WHEN we’re hungry! #ItsJustFeedingTheBaby #NomNom #ItsJustMilkBeforeCookiesAndDonuts

  13. In today’s world on the one hand yes it’s the way God made us to literally nourish our babies , buuut on the other hand in public you can garner some very unwanted attention…and everyone is a photographer/videographer these days at the push of a button. I personally liked being covered up while feeding when in public 🤷 jmo.

  14. My name is Denise Notsch it was 1983 I had a baby girl. It was tuff but I breast fed I got ridiculed, told I should quit that it was not right , that it was nasty. I had to hide to feed her. I had 5 children all together and I breast fed them all. I am happy that all has changed and that it has become a great thing again. Very proud of all who can be free to make the right choices

  15. I breastfed both of my children in private and in public back in 1983 and 86 when it wasn’t so acceptable
    I love every second of it and am very close to both my kids now ages 37 and 39

  16. I wish I could have done it with my kids but, I had my 3 step children living with us and she told me I couldn’t breastfeed my children because it was inappropriate to do so in front of her children, so l didn’t do it. She’s a b@#$h and put me through hell. My last daughter was a set of triplets and I lost 2 of them,I had a lot of milk.

  17. One of the most beautiful sights is that of a mother unabashedly breast feeding her little one. No good reason why they need to hide under a blanket etc. No legitimate reason wht they shouldn’t be able to do so wherever and when ever.
    Those who’ve an issue with it, it is a them problem. Don’t like what you see. Look elsewhere!!!

    • Looks like a “willow” hands free breast pump. There’s several brands out there now that just goes in your bra and turns off when complete so you then just them out and empty them into a bottle/container!

  18. It’s healthy for baby and normally for Mama. Lots of natural antibodies past from mama to baba through breastmilk. Tailored nutrition for baby.
    It’s not without painful complications but when it goes well it’s great for littles one immunity. Have breastfed twice my boys are healthy and happily growing into teens now. So glad could give them the best start I could even if it were only for a few months each. Every drop counts early on.

  19. I love these pictures. It’s not cool to stare, which is ironic because it’s one of the most beautiful sights in nature. My blood pressure calms down just seeing this great bonding.
    So the picture solves the problem. I’m delighted that these moms were not shy and willing to share. There are plenty of paintings by the old masters, the pre-internet version of this. 💙

  20. I don’t understand what the big deal is,it’s the best way to feed your baby if you can….if someone makes a big deal of it I think it’s because they are immature…like a kid who sees his first tittie in national geographic.

  21. I breast fed in public all the time. I just didn’t flash everyone. A blanket over the shoulder gives a sence of modesty. It’s not a fashion statement to breast feed. It’s a meal for your baby.

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