Public Breastfeeding for Attention, Mom Reacts to Accusations

Mom responds to allegations of attention-seeking through public breastfeeding. Discover her reaction to the controversy.

Public breastfeeding is a natural act, and women should never feel ashamed. A young mom, aged 18, is actively advocating for her right to breastfeed in public without the need for a cover-up. She openly discusses the challenges she encounters when feeding her 2-year-old, a perspective we find quite refreshing.

Strangers cast unwelcome glances her way.

Public Breastfeeding
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Shania O’Neill doesn’t hesitate to breastfeed her daughter in public. She’s comfortable doing it in various places. She said: “It could be anywhere; the tram, bus, a restaurant, I could be pushing the [stroller] in a shop and I’ll feed her wherever we are.”

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Nevertheless, the young woman acknowledged receiving unwelcome attention from strangers, which she finds bothersome. Shania emphasized, “Boobs are for feeding babies. It’s a natural thing.”

The Gen Z mother elaborated on her stance, stating, “I don’t get why people think it’s me looking for attention. I am just doing something so natural that was seen as normal 60 years ago.”

She emphasizes the significance of public breastfeeding.

Public Breastfeeding
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At 16, O’Neill unexpectedly became pregnant with Isabella, never foreseeing her future as a public breastfeeding advocate.

She initially hadn’t intended to breastfeed, but when she tried it, she confessed, “It completely changed me. It’s created such an amazing bond.”

This young mother cannot be deterred.

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Initially, she covered up while breastfeeding, but she eventually stopped because it made her uncomfortable. She explained, “It was hard with a blanket because I had to keep checking every 2 seconds underneath it. So now I don’t use one at all, and it’s much easier.”

Public Breastfeeding
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In the face of criticism, O’Neill remains resolute in her commitment to breastfeeding openly, emphasizing, “You wouldn’t tell a woman feeding with a bottle to cover up the bottle.”

The 18-year-old urges fellow mothers to embrace her approach and disregard societal judgment, stating, “I would recommend for moms to just go into it without a care in the world. Your baby comes first.”

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  1. If she s so convinced it’s the most natural thing in the world to breastfeed in public and not be covered up. Then it should not make any difference whether the baby is there breastfeeding or not even present. Would she feel just as comfortable to walk around topless?