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16 Iconic Transformations Of Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos

A list of beautiful transformations people have chosen to undertake, turning traumatic memories into pieces of art

Letting go of those bad, traumatic events needs a strong-headed person to look forward to turning pain into strength.

What can you do? Well, for a starter… There is no perfect body. However, getting that scar covered with a new tattoo will boost your self-confidence!

Repurpose scars into cool artwork! That’s precisely what some people have done, of course, with the help of the tattoo artist Raquel Gauthier.

Viral Strange has collected 16 beautiful pieces that make iconic transformations.


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What do you think about these transformations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Scars be be a way of remembering a life changing event & of course some don’t like to remember those times so what’s more perfect than getting a beautiful tattoo on the other hand if you are thinking about getting a tattoo please do your research on the right artist because some are charlitons & don’t know how to tattoo never mind tattooing scared skin because it is harder to do it can be thinner & thicker on the same scar & god for bid you end up with a tattoo that looks worse than the scar.

      • I really want to get a sleeve on my left arm because its a complete mess of scars I just need to figure out what to get in it I love the idea of turning something traumatic into something I find beautiful!!

  2. I love these tattoos they are all beautifully done how different each one is just need to no where an who did them great job gives them more confident in them self

      • Hello.. I would love to do this.. I have a 21″ long scar around half my body.. I am only afraid that it would hurt in that area bc it still gives me grief..

      • It hurts anyway. But to tat people, we sorta look forward to the “pain”. After 3 or 4….no biggie. Didn’t notice when he got to my scar. He always asks if I’m 👍

    • I recently had a triple bypass surgery that was necessitated by discovery of 2 main Arteries that were completely blocked and the 3rd was 95% blocked. I now have a vertical scar where my Sternum was cut and opened.
      After all checks out I am considering a Christian tattoo with JESUS on the Cross 6″ to 7″ over my scar and my prayer to keep in my heart that he saved.
      I am truly impressed with the magical and skilled craftsmanship in these wonderfully imagined and crafted tattoos by these fantastic Artists.

      • Glad you’re feeling better. You’ll need to wait a good while at least a year maybe even 18 months possibly even longer considering the length and type of scar you have before getting tattooed, even if it looks completely healed. That’s what I’ve been told by numerous tattoo artists after getting my ICD implanted (internal cardiac defibrillator).

  3. I have many little scars from Lupus sores ony arms, legs & even breats. They’re quite prominent & this is the perfect way to cover them up. I’m embarrassed to even go out in public without being fully covered. My only concern is, there’s lots of little scars that cover the whole forearm & my legs are from ankle to thigh. Don’t want a full arm or leg tat. These tats are beautiful. Props to the artists & people that had the courage to get them done.

  4. I have lots of unsightly scars from Lupus sores & this would be the perfect way to cover them up. I’m embarrassed to even go out in public without being fully covered. Only concern is, there’s lots of little scars that cover the forearm & my ankle to thigh. I don’t want a full tat on both legs, so maybe a vine like some I’ve seen. Such beautiful tats. Now I have to decide what designs to do.

    • Here is a few ideas for you.
      1) A seeded dandelion with it seedlings blown in the air.
      2) A group of butterflies tastefully flying by a vine or flower.
      3). A flock of birds over The horizon big a sunset.

  5. Awesome work. I just got some great ideas and I am so glad to see something we can use to cover things we don’t like on our bodies at least for me anyway. Now I know what I’m going to do with the scars on my body.

  6. All of them were awesome and amazing. I have a scar all the way down my spine from two surgeries on my back and would love to get something like this done someday. Thanks for the inspiration 😊.

  7. Diane A,
    Since you mentioned that they were all little scars, you could do a few things depending on your own style, of course. I am a girly girl and love hearts and roses for example. You could something like a bouquet of roses or whatever flower you prefer on breast to cover that one, and then smaller falling flowers or just the pedals falling down your body from there… but since you said there’s lots, doing a theme like that, I think would look cool. Maybe even mix up hearts, flowers, all different colors done with the water color effect. Don’t like hearts/flowers, how about stars ✨ or celestial type theme, could have comets, shooting stars, the moon, etc. Of course, it just comes down to something you really really like and would want on your body forever. How about your favorite animal and have paw prints so it looks like they were just walking on you… Soo many options of small things to do a theme that wouldn’t look weird.

  8. Depending on the location of the scar and most scars are extremely sensitive….really depends tho….I am very surprised no one or the person that posted these have answered your question….that is concerning as well. Well I hope this answer has helped in one way or another.

    • My scars are numb to the touch, so I’m thinking it’d just feel kinda weird and gross lol I have a scar that was supposed to be covered by a tattoo, but the tattoo artist told me they don’t hold ink???so it’s very close to the scar and it just felt really weird.

  9. Hi I have unsightly scars on my stomach an love to get it tattooed, but have a few more surgeries to go but when I’m done I will have it all tattoo over

  10. Be proud of your scars! This is a beautiful way we can be proud of our wounds! You couldn’t say any one of them was ugly after the tattoo! I have seen a couple of large jobs women have had done after breast removal, there are some very talented people around!

  11. How bad does it hurt on scar tissue? I have a scar similar to the longer one on the woman’s thigh and just touching a part of the scar makes me want to pass out and I’ve wanted to cover it up since it happened

  12. Many years over 20 yrs ago I slit my wrist. When my son was 5 and daughter was not even a year old yet I had the scare covered with a infinity love tattoo. I didn’t won’t my children asking what that scar was. I was in a bad marriage and in a dark time back then.

  13. This are amazing! This tattoo artist gave those people truly happiness. Now they are free os scars covered by a beautiful artistic drawing. Good job.excellent artist

  14. whoever this tattoo artist is has to get a bigger range of pictures for his cover-ups because all these tattoo’s are the same thing he just adds more leaves or branches to the cover-up he really needs to branch out, ha, ha, ha,

  15. For everyone who asks who the artist is, and where they are located… it has a link under each of the pictures giving her credit and taking you to her post for each. She is located in São Paulo, Brazil it says.

  16. These are amazing transformations. I have had both hips totally replaced, but that seems to be a VERY sensitive area to get what may be a very painful tattoo. Has anybody had tattoos done on or near the hip bone?

  17. I have surgery scars in 5 different places that I’ve thought of covering. And most places are in this story… not I know it can be done correctly with research 🧐… these are beautiful 💕🌹