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    26 Photo’s You Should Double Check To Not Miss a Thing

    Have you ever seen something that made you think about what you saw? If that was true or was part of your imagination. Our eyes sometimes deceive us and make our brain think we saw it all and there is no more you could have seen. But this perception sometimes is wrong and we are […] More

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    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    There are some villains in this world from whom we need protection. There are some people out there – true heroes – who do that for us and not all of them wear capes. The villains the fight might not be really powerful like let’s say, Thanos, but they still bring minor inconveniences to our […] More

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    12 Signs That You Are Ready To Love Again

    Dealing with heartbreak is not easy at all. You will lose confidence in loving again. It will affect your decision making at some point. It is not easy to open up to someone and love again. When can you say that you are ready to love again? Here at Viral Strange we listed 12 signs […] More

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    22 Real Major Turn-Offs For Men

    Every man is not expecting his girl to be a perfect one. He knows that she will have a certain amount of imperfections. He understands that there are certain things she has to work on too. But what are the major turn-offs for men? Here at Viral Strange, we listed 22 real major turn-offs for […] More

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    26 Reasons Why Dads Are the Best Friends You Need

    Our dads play an important role in the family, but most of the time, they don’t get much recognition as our mothers’. No one talks about Father’s day as much as we talk about Mother’s day, and the list goes on. They deserve our love and affection because they always do their best for us […] More

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    7 Signs of Genuine Happiness

    One of the best feelings in this world is to feel genuine happiness. You can have the best job but feel discontentment. You can have all the material things but feel sad. You can have everything but still wallow in misery. When can you say that you are genuinely happy? Here at Viral Strange, we […] More

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    5 Things That Girls Hate That Their Boyfriends Do

    Girls are very moody by nature, even if they are not on their periods. They have mood swings that will make you crazy to handle. They might be very unpredictable and dramatic at times. Most of the time, they are mad because of the things you do to them that are unreasonable. What are the […] More