The Unfiltered Truth of Postpartum Bodies

The unfiltered truth is that the female body faces daily judgment and unrealistic beauty standards. Postpartum bodies are especially sensitive to this, but one mother decided to embrace her flaws and support others by shedding the filters and clothing.

The challenges that come after childbirth often catch most mothers off guard.

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Danisha, a mother of four, has begun sharing her body acceptance journey on social media. Initially feeling ashamed of her postpartum belly, she decided to make a change with her last baby.

She said: “I didn’t know that I would have as much loose skin as I do now, and stretch marks. No one ever discussed it, my doctors didn’t discuss it. I didn’t know that my body just wouldn’t look the same anymore. But I want to embrace my body, and I’m happy where I’m at.”

According to Danisha, a woman’s body has the power to create miracles.

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Celebrity pregnancy photos can create a false image of perfection, leading to lowered self-confidence and self-love among women.

Through an Instagram post, she encouraged fellow moms by stating, “Don’t let society trick you into believing you need to be ’fixed.’ Your body is not wrong, society is!”

The mothers’ postpartum bodies are expected to conform to a different societal image.

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New mothers are often pressured to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. However, this expectation can make them feel like strangers in their skin. Instead, accepting and loving oneself postpartum is crucial for true self-love.

Danisha’s candid posts make her proud of who she is. She recognizes that everybody evolves differently, and her postpartum belly reminds her of her four beautiful children and signifies growth. Though it took time, she has learned to accept, love, and appreciate her body.

She said: “Our body is meant to evolve and change, that is what happens with growth, not everyone’s body will change the same and that’s okay. My wonderful body carried 4 beautiful blessings, my belly is a reminder of that and signifies growth. It has taken me a long time to accept her, love her, and appreciate her.”

Keeping positivity online is challenging, especially when facing criticism from all directions. It can be one of the toughest aspects of vulnerability.

“I have a pouch, I have soft stretchy loose skin. My physical features are not what makes it beautiful, but the fact that my body was able to create life itself for a fourth time. I’m strong as a mother,” said Danisha.

Despite negative comments, Danisha continues to share the unfiltered truth about postpartum bodies.

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She wants to help other mothers who may be unprepared for the realities of motherhood. She said: “A lot of mamas are unprepared for postpartum.”

Watching our bodies change as we age is a privilege.

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Despite our best efforts to stay fit, genetics can sometimes alter our appearance. As she explained, the person in the mirror may look different. Danisha said: “I love it when people tell me that if I had moisturized my skin more then my belly wouldn’t have looked ’this way’ or if I wore a waist trainer I wouldn’t have a pouch and even greater if I dieted or exercised more, then my belly wouldn’t be as ‘big.’The reality is genetics play a big role. My belly is this way because of 4 reasons. I created life 4 times and no oils or creams would have miraculously prevented it. My sagging skin, stretch marks, and other love marks are reminders of bearing my children.”

Mothers are unique in their own right and should not face discrimination based on their physical appearance.

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She declared: “To the mama looking at herself in the mirror: It’s completely normal not to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes your body outgrew in order to make room for your beautiful blessing. Sizing up is nothing to feel ashamed of.”

Accepting her body was a difficult journey, but Danisha persevered.

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Learning to love and accept stretch marks and body changes can be challenging for moms. However, these changes are a natural response of the body.

“Many would love to have tiger stripes. You can also have them without having children. My tummy was home to 4 of my children, and they love it,” she said.

True beauty emanates from within and without.

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Despite our outward appearance, including differences in skin color or weight, every individual is unique and their body plays an incredible role in their survival. This mother highlights this to inspire others: “Whether you choose to cover your belly or not, you’re still worthy, still beautiful.”

Do you agree that all mothers are special in their way? Should we talk more about the unfiltered truth? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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  1. I have 5 children and my stomach looks like the road map of Britain. I never went ( back to normal). I love what my body has accomplished and am proud of my stomach and stretch marks. So well done to you. You are a beautiful mother and partner. Shame on those who criticise, you people are the ones that give new mums a hard time.

  2. No matter the level of changes a mother’s body goes through during and after pregnancy, you are beautiful. Some really struggle with post party’s change and some snap right back. Most fall somewhere in the middle. All are normal and wonderful. Making humans is hard, and if you can’t see the beauty in every body type and be proud of your miracles, you are looking at the wrong things in life. I applaud this mom and hope we see more “normalizing normal” on the Internet. I want me daughters to know their bodies are beautiful, no matter what.

  3. Your body did something marvelous! Not all women get to do that! And look at those gorgeous kids! Rejoice everyday, they are a part of you that will continue!❤️❤️❤️

  4. I think that if exercise didn’t work.. at least you tried… but to accept something when it has possible solutions sound like lazy excuses to me. My opinion has been shared along with my indiference to responses. Just to notify.

    • I’m trying to understand where you justify your comment considering the article is about accepting yourself no matter what. WE are ALL aware of the need to exercise, but the article is about learning to love what your body did, can do, and accepting the genetic factor.

  5. I’m all for her sharing her experience but that’s not how it is for all women. It is for some and that’s fine just as some women ‘snap’ bag and have no loose skin or stretch marks. Women are not an homogeneous lump, we are all individuals.All women and we should celebrate in all our diversity!

  6. My belly was never slim while growing up, I was chubby. But I became a mother of a cute baby at the age of 27 years old, I would rub coco butter on my belly boobs and thighs when I was pregnant and don’t have stretch marks, just a never go away belly that I carried my son in. I have no regrets.

  7. nu speriati lumea…departe de idea ca oricine naște are astfel de piele pe burta, la mine a functionat total diferit, nicio schimbare nu a urmat, chiar si acum, la o varsta insintata am o burta frumoasa!

  8. I absolutely love her! I’ve come to the realization that I’m beautiful all over about 5yrs ago. My eldest son was 14, and he said ” Mom, I think your amazing and beautiful and I love you.” It made me cry and realize he was right, I am beautiful. No matter what anyone else says it’s what you believe that matters. It’s what your child or children believe that matters. Love Yourselves, and each other. Please.
    Thank You.

  9. I know many who have not had this issue because they are fitness people. They exercised through pregnancy. I know a couple women who have 5+ kids even. They coach at the Y other women safe fitness through pregnancy and post. I’m not judging how any body comes out, I am just saying your article is only showing one way, the “let go” way.


    • Everyone is different. My sister was fit as a fiddle running high speed on her treadmill and exercising during her pregnancy and her skin is like that. I don’t know if it’s the c-section that cause it. It’s not as bad but similar.

    • I doubt this guy knows many women that don’t have post pregnancy marks. Thats a lie. And I’d love to see him go to the gym every day with three kids at home and one on the way. The let go way? What a dirtbag. Promise this guy doesn’t have a woman in his life and has no experience with women. Astoundingly ignorant with no children and no knowledge on raising one or more kids he wouldn’t ever be at the gym if he was a mother of three 90% of parents cannot afford childcare for gym every day plus work. Being a “fitness person” doesn’t mean you don’t get stretch marks or that body. It happens to every single one especially after more kids let’s see if robs skin goes back to normal after being stretched out for 9 months 4 times in less than a decade. Promise you he wouldn’t even make it to the gym after 4 pregnancies. There should be a minimum IQ or separate internet just for cavemen & dodos

  10. And this is exactly why you shouldn’t have kids outside of wedlock… Your husband is still going to love you throughout all of your bodily changes, so that’s a big stressor off the top of your head… Don’t ever let a temporary man make a permanent impact on your body

    • My body looks like this. I was married when we had our daughter. My husband cheated.
      Now I’m divorced.
      Your “opinion” towards this article is more an illustration of your ignorance.

  11. women know and real men understand what the female body endures after pregnancy. the body doesn’t have to snap back. we just want the smile to shine through

  12. I love how brave you are, your beautiful inside n out!!!!
    I’ve struggled myself since having my second so it’s nice to know we’re not alone.
    Stay strong and keep been a good inspiration to your little ones

  13. Not every person gets this and to this extent is usually due to lack of self care I’m a mum myself I followed a very strict skin care routine for my belly and didn’t end up with this only on my bottom and breasts (the areas I didn’t care for as strictly) yes sometimes this can happen no matter what you do or how hard you try and yes all bodies are beautiful and it is a journey to get your body to how you are happy but this journey does begin from day 1 when you first find out again sometimes this kind of thing can’t be helped and it’s nothing to criticised for but at least make the effort to try prevent it first people are nasty always have been always will be that is just the world we live in unfortunately it’s improving slowly but won’t ever fully be gone so unfortunately will always be some criticism

    • First of all there are dozens of reasons why this could have happened. Second of all I can tell you that this has nothing to do with skincare. When I was pregnant with my son I hardly used anything on my stomach. I barely used any creams or cocoa butter or oils. And my stomach is just how it was when I was 19 years old and I’m 42 now. Not a single stretch mark on it not a single piece of skin that is out of place or sagging. So this does not have to do with the fact that her quote unquote Skin care routine wasn’t up to date or the fact that you said, maybe she wasn’t doing anything. It’s probably the elasticity in her skin as some people skin isn’t as tough as others. When it stretches the elasticity may get loosened to a point where it’s not going to come back. Quite normal actually.It’s just unfortunate luck that this young mother had but she is still so beautiful.

  14. Let’s be honest: in today’s climate, men do not have the power to shame you. Negative comments from them could cost them financially, socially and maybe even their careers. Don’t blame society. Blame other women, because they’re the only ones who could get away with being that non supportive with little to no repercussions.

  15. Love this article. As an older woman, I’m sagging all over. So happy read this because it gives a new perspective of my body and my age. Thank you for posting.

    • Me too!!! I’m 70 years old, but my belly has looked like hers since I was 20 years of age, sagging breast and all. I was only 95lbs when I got pregnant, and I weighed 170lbs by the time my baby was born. I had 3 miscarriages, and finally, almost 10 years later, I had my son. So after 5 pregnancies, my husband understands and celebrates my flabbiness, and still can’t get enough of me. So I say celebrate yourself because you are so much more than your physical body.

  16. The midwife I had for my antenatal classes over 30 years ago told us this , “don’t look at stretch marks as a negative look at them as a badge of motherhood. After all nobody berates somebody for battle scars and boy is childbirth a battle” I still hear her words resonate when I look at my nearly 60 year old body with stretch marks and scars – bless her for her positive impact.

  17. Did you know that people who have been under stress for a long time may develop stretch marks even without weight gain or pregnancy. This is due to the simple fact that chronic stress leads to increased levels of cortisol (also called the stress hormone). When the level of cortisol rises, less collagen and elastin are produced. This lowers skin elasticity. This is why stretch marks are a hallmark sign of Cushing syndrome, a condition characterized by elevated cortisol levels.


  18. Stretch marks, also called striae distensae, are a type of line-like scar that develops on the skin. When the skin expands or shrinks, it puts extra pressure on two proteins that support the skin, namely collagen and elastin. This ultimately results in their breakage, leading to scars. Due to certain genes, some people are more prone to developing stretch marks than others. In people with certain changes in these genes, the repair may not repair well.For example, the ELN gene produces elastin, a protein responsible for elasticity.
    They found that mutations in or near four specific genes—ELN, SRPX, HMCN1, and TMEM18—increased the participants’ risk of stretch marks by 40 percent. Of these genes, ELN (aka elastin) was the most strongly tied to stretch marks, especially those developed during pregnancy.

  19. Your skin stretches when you gain weight, but those marks are usually not visible at this stage. You start seeing those hidden stretch marks only after you shed some pounds. When you shed a significant number of pounds, having loose skin is normal—and extremely common. Your skin may not be elastic enough to shrink. Couple that with the fact that collagen and elastin (an elastic protein) in the skin naturally decrease as you age, and you’ve got a recipe for excess skin. There may not be sufficient elasticity for the skin to contract back down to your new, smaller body size. your genetics plays a vital role in whether you see those lines across your skin. Scientists have identified 544 genetic variants associated with stretch marks.
    Manish Shah, M.D.,
    Constance Chen, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.

  20. Stretch marks occur due to structural changes in collagen fibres and the reduction of elastin and fibrillin fibres. It results in a loss of vascularity and elasticity, making the skin more vulnerable to stretch marks.Your skin is prone to stretch marks when you are pregnant because the hormones soften the fibres of your skin.As the baby grows, your skin stretches in the tummy region. Pregnant women undergo dramatic body transformations to return to their pre-pregnancy weight in a short time. Unfortunately, the residual lax skin often remains after intense fluctuations in weight.As a result, it increases the risk of inevitable scarring or stretch marks. While 90% of women experience stretch marks after post-pregnancy weight loss, the remaining 10% seem to dodge such a common occurrence due to hereditary factors. see other post4 sources

  21. Topical management is commonly recommended to prevent and treat striae, with very little if any evidence of efficacy. Interestingly, most popular treatments including topical treatments and laser treatments focus on stimulating collagen production, rather than elastin production, to improve the appearance of stretch marks with elastin being of comprehensive significance.Physical treatments have little evidence to support their use as well. Striae are more common in females than in males and may be more common in certain races.A positive family history is a risk factor for striae.During pregnancy, striae are more common in younger women than in older women.Several studies have noted greater prevalence with large abdominal circumference (due to fetal size).
    Sorry I forgot to collect all of my sources

  22. I don’t think she was particularly attractive before she pushed out 4 bstards. She’s definitely not now and I didn’t appreciate these images in my feed before breakfast 🤢

  23. Postpartum was a very bad for me. I got a tummy tuck cause of it. My stretch marks were really bad with sagging skin. I hated the way it looked and I felt ugly. I did not kno that would happen or how bad I was gonna feel after having a baby. So this is good to talk about. Women need to share their experiences with each other and how they got over it!

  24. Unfortunately no matter what I did I still ended up with some stretch marks at 4 children and exercised before and after and the struggle or even a small pouch is surreal and a struggle for many women. I realized I’m more then my body and looks last so long it’s about the soul but of course a living a healthy lifestyle to pass onto my children is preference ❣️

    • I’d use anti-aging tightening treatments if I were you, I was VERY FORTUNATE to have good skin (I also don’t eat a lot of sugar and have a healthy balanced diet. The treatments and recommendations for aging skin are amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, etc… Good luck to you 🍀

  25. Every BODY is different so nobody said we all goin to look so… This Mom shared her story which is REAL courageous. It have people try all d creams & oils in d world still got d LOOK, d importance here is Moms u not ALONE stress marks or not. Wat we need 2 work on is our mental state, how do u feel Mamas 🤗 Gd job 👏🏽

  26. I’ve had four babies too & my last baby I had at 40 yrs old & not once did my stomach look like this, not even after baby #4. And another weird thing is I’m white/European. Why say this? Because I see all over TikTok that black doesn’t crack but guess that only pertains to the face. Sorry, had to…sue me!

    • Everyone’s body is different. Just because you didn’t have this doesn’t mean others don’t. You can take care of your body as much as you want but if it’s gonna happen it is going to happen. And why bring race into this? This can happen to any woman no matter the race. “Black don’t crack” has nothing to do with someone’s body it has everything to do with a youthful look especially to the face. You could look 65 in your face with a body of a 19 year old.. or look 18 in the face and 70 years old in the body. We don’t see everyone’s body you do see everyone’s face tho.


    • Guess u Couldn’t help yourself could u! Your just an ass & an immature ignorant human being that has no respect for other women!! U just basically told all what kind of a person u really r! U didn’t impress anyone but yourself! Keep having them babies! I hope someone beside the state is supporting them!! Bcuz w that comment your values r in the trash! & I don’t see your life is any better!! @ 40+ u should b more mature & stand by & uplift other women instead of trying to ‘trash’ them! True colors!! Srry couldn’t help myself!

  27. I would like to see your body after carrying another human inside it for 9 months. For some mothers, the baby grows so quickly that no amount of “massage” or “regimes” will stop the stretch marks and sagging skin. She has had 4 KIDS!!!

    Her body looks like a real woman’s body and I bet her husband (if she has one, you have no idea of her situation as it doesnt say in the article. Have you actually read it?) LOVES it! It carried his children ffs!!! I can tell you haven’t read this properly as she explains about genetics/oils/trainers and how they just, don’t work for some folk. Her body has gone through TREMENDOUS strain, 4 times over, and created life… what has yours done lately?

    Get your head out of your arse and come back when you have a bit more respect for women, their bodies and what we go through in order to keep the human race alive!

    • Listen, my wife has had 6 children, big babies at that, and she never liked like that, but she took care of her body, used massage oils, coco butter, and lotions daily, and took care of her body,. With every pregnancy she was back to pre baby body within a few months and never had loose saggy skin like that. I doubt very much her husband LOVES it, be real. My wife is a representation of me, and she knows just like I take care of my body for her, she does the same for me.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        You’re comment is so ridiculous it’s not even worthy of an intelligent response. Hey Jason’s wife, blink twice if you need saving

  28. I cried. I opened this right after I just cried and beat myself up about how my stomach looks after my recent miscarriage. I felt like I lost my baby and my my body. I needed this. Ty. Women are amazing!

    • I’m srry for what You’ve been thru! Very traumatic situation to go thru & try to bounce back from into every day life! Don’t beat yourself up ever for being a woman! U have a reminder always of someone u loved & lost! Some women have nothing to remind them..God will help u heal & someday u will have another pregnancy that will b healthy & strong & @ the end of 9mths u will have a beautiful baby boy or girl! Keep yourself healthy & look forward to your future! In the meantime take it one day @ a time & take care of u! B @ peace & b happy!!

  29. Everyone’s body make up is different but for an idiot to say you don’t ever have to look like that is disgusting and obviously the reason why we need stories like this. Ignorance is the main reason people are so screwed up now. Some can work out everyday and still not achieve washboard abs before pregnancy. I can’t believe the audacity of some and if your not going to say anything encouraging to these beautiful people, putting themselves out there then keep scrolling. Have some respect.

  30. Truly the only way to remove the stigma and unrealistic expectations removed from society is to do exactly this: Expose and show real Moms and young beautiful Moms such as Danisha with the results of skin stretching to grow an angel of light.

    • I have the same problem still at 72…I weighed 115 when I got pregnant, was 160 at birth, and yes, it was all baby, she weighed 10 lbs! I was wondering what the baby was eating on your stomach though…

  31. Not true. I am a mother of two and i never looked like that. If you take care of you and your body before pregnancy too (if you respect you temple the whole life) you won’t look like that, ever!

    • yeah same. mom of 2 here and my abs are the strongest they have been and my youngest is 6 months. im not perfect ofc but working out and healing my post partum body along with eating right is doing wonder for my body.

      • Well good for u!! Have a couple more cuz u really Dk what your talking about! R u even 20 yet! Try supporting other women! Any female who talks about or against another female on real issues is actually pretty useless! So educate yourself 1st & then in about 10yrs or when your mature enough have this convo!!

    • Ever heard of karma?! Well some day it’s gonna b knocking on your front door! & your cry your eyes out, b devastated, say why is this happening to me! Idk what it will b but it will b in the realm of this whole convo in some way or another! & I truly hope u look back & remember what u said to this mother or to all mothers! U obviously dk what your talking about due to immaturity or ignorance! But u should know by now being a mother of 2!!! That u should stand w women, uplift, support! Not give some snide ass remark that isn’t true! So u really need to grow up & learn some compassion bcuz until u walk in someone else’s shoes u really know nothing! & u sure don’t have a degree in skin & elasticity!! But u can wait for your karma!! Good luck to u!

    • Oh ew
      a mother shaming another mother because “i Am a MoThEr oF TwO aNd i NeVeR lOoKeD lIkE tHaT” how embarrassing.

      You’re one of those fake crunchy moms who walks around in yoga pants and use phrases like “my body’s my temple” but then doesn’t know or follow everything else if it didn’t come from one of the many woman and body shaming magazines that litter the check out line at your local Whole Foods huh?

    • What a ridiculous comment lmao I was shamefully uncaring to my self while I was pregnant.. my skin didn’t get any better care than I did .. of course I wish. Ate better etc, my kids are the smartest most beautiful kids, thank god .. but you my friend put in work for NOTHING and to think you know the answers is just stupidness .. how nasty you are … you’re the exact lesson she felt she had to learn to feel better .. she was never Ugly on the outside, and I’m sure you’re just as beautiful but you’re sounding ugly af. U not come as far as this woman when it comes to self care . Tbh may be a difference in ur iq scores lol these posts do annoy me it’s like she thinks this is the answer to her problems, accepting her marks.. it’s ridiculous but no more ridiculous than your reply. Work on u babe cos all that self caring you did for your body, hasn’t helped you when it comes to brain cells ..

    • Bull. I’m an athlete and had a flat, strong stomach before getting pregnant. Worked out and played ball until I was at 5 months pregnant. I did everything recommended to prevent stretch marks I suffered from PUPS during my pregnancy and ended up with stretch marks and loose skin anyway. After years of hard work my stomach was flat again and the saggy skin mostly went away. When my son was 10 my stomach started to look like I was badly bloated or in early pregnancy with the worst periods of all time. I was so sick and anemic which left to a doc visit to find out I had 2 fibroids the size of grapefruits. Ultimately I had to have a hysterectomy which left me with a huge scar and saggy skin once again. Women’s bodies are not a one size fits all. Just because YOU were lucky enough to not get stretch marks or loose skin doesn’t mean all other women will be so lucky. Being judgemental is ugl

    • Carmen that is not true, and why do you insist on degrading your “sisters”? People have different genes! One person could eat right every day, exercise, and lead a healthy life style and STILL get stretch marks. BE KIND TO PEOPLE!!!

  32. Directly below this article is another; POSTPARTUM BODY TRANSFORMATION: GETTING YOUR BODY BACK….
    We can talk and talk and talk about the normality of postpartum bodies, but after all your talking, you’ll still see a million other articles telling you how it’s not normal and how to claim back what you lost…. It’s the world we live in now. And it’s disgusting. We just aren’t allowed to be proud of ourselves unless we’re a size 4 with a washboard stomach and huge breasts!!

    • well according to your reply you aren’t allowed to be size 4 with washboard stomach & big breasts either tho.

      Not every woman who’s had babies ends up with wrinkled, shriveled stomachs so just stop.

      • Really she never said anything about not being allowed to b a size 4 w/o stretch marks! What she said is society today & I’ll add especially where u live dosent except a woman’s body unless their a size 4, no stretch marks & a washboard stomach is what I saw! & that was really it! Dk where u saw anything more!? & it’s the truth unfortunately! That’s why there’s so many young girls w body issues! Every where u look a model, magazines, ads, beaches, females in swimsuits Ect.. it’s not realistic. The average women is a size 12 not a size 4! & btw great for u! I’m a size 6..3boys few stretch marks! Everyone is different! Women should stand together not rip ea other apart! But that comes w maturity for most if not instilled in u as a young girl! Good luck!

    • Are you educated? Like at least grade 8? Exercise doesn’t tighten skin, unless you’ve gained so much muscle, you’ve replaced the lost fat.

      Compression, hydration, and really, just time is what it takes, if your body is under 40 years old, and creates typical collagen. If you are aging, or have a connective tissue disorder(like >3% of the population), then you likely only have surgical options available. Of course, those conditions also make surgery more dangerous.

  33. This is great! Danisha is the smartest young woman I’ve heard in a long time. You can do everything they say to stay “fit” and still end up saggy and have scars. I had two c-sections after two difficult pregnancies. I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I’m in my 50’s now and as we age our skin changes. No matter what we do. Love yourselves for the way you are. You’re an original. God made you one of a kind.

  34. Wonder how her husbands feels about that . Her body is only about her . She chose not to follow a regiment of massaging etc and then knowing she screwed up , she decides to get likes and shares on social media …. Sheer ignorance

      • You are right. Her body is all about HER! It is HER body- not his. If he is only there for her body, he is there for the wrong reasons.
        You sir, are your wife’s nightmare. You just showed the world you could not truly love someone as a person- only their looks.

    • Everyone’s skin is different. I know women who did all of the emollients faithfully and still ended up with massive stretch marks and stretched out skin. I know women who did nothing and you can hardly tell by looking at the stomach skin, that they ever had one baby, let alone 5 or 6. It is genetic. There are thing’s she can do now daily, that will tremendously improve her skin over time. That would incurr about an hour a day for about a year. With 4 kid’s she may not have an hour a day for herself. She is more than just her deformed post pregnancy belly. I hope she has a man in her life who values her as a woman and mother. A real man, who doesn’t devalue her because she has evidence of bringing for life. I wonder how your mother’s belly looks and if she would be proud of her son’s ridiculing this mother’s post partum x4, belly. 🙄

    • Same thing goes for anyone who loses a bunch of weight. If you don’t start an excercise regimen as you lose weight, you’ll end up with a loose skin everywhere the weight came off. Then if you want to get rid of it, surgery is probably your only alternative. My weight is in my stomach but, it fluctuates. I lose weight in the summer (around 50 #’s) I do modified crunches when it starts to drop off.
      Have women that lost 50 to 100#’s show pics of their stomach afterwards. If they just lost it and didn’t work it as they lost the weight. I’ll pretty much bet you they’d look the same as Danishas.

      • When you lose a large amount of weight and especially in short time spans it doesn’t matter what exercise you’ve added in to a routine or how often you do it.. it doesn’t help. Same with woman who have carried children some times your guaranteed a pouch no matter what.

      • Your skin stretches when you gain weight, but those marks are usually not visible at this stage. You start seeing those hidden stretch marks only after you shed some pounds. When you shed a significant number of pounds, having loose skin is normal—and extremely common. Your skin may not be elastic enough to shrink. Couple that with the fact that collagen and elastin (an elastic protein) in the skin naturally decrease as you age, and you’ve got a recipe for excess skin. There may not be sufficient elasticity for the skin to contract back down to your new, smaller body size. your genetics plays a vital role in whether you see those lines across your skin. Scientists have identified 544 genetic variants associated with stretch marks.
        Manish Shah, M.D.,
        Constance Chen, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.

        • Thank u! Someone that actually knows what their talking about instead of just putting a women down for not doing what they think she should have & blaming her it’s her fault! 1st until u walk in someone else’s shoes u really have no understanding! & 2cd when u haven’t a clue what your talking about..sshhhh! Listen & learn! So thank u for sharing your info on the magic of skin elasticity!!

    • Mr douchebag who don’t deserve being addressed by your name. Your mother should be ashamed of the day she had you!!!! Thats why men were not made to have babies. You couldn’t handle it and you know it, so shut your mouth when it comes to any womans body. You don’t have permission to speak asshole.

    • Ok, screw the husband and throw him away if he thinks he has any right to say something about the body that brought his children into this world safe and sound. Plain and simple this is about her he wasn’t even mentioned for a reason, because this topic right here has nothing to do with him.

    • You, …are an ASS! There are many things that play into how one’s body reacts to pregnancy. Genetics is a big one! So do not ASSUME that she didn’t do what she “should “ have done! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!! So … from an RN.. that is way more knowledgeable about the human body than you…. Try keeping your chauvinistic mouth closed next time when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about!!

    • What an absolutely ignorant comment … who cares what her husband feels about it … he hasn’t gone through 9 months of carrying the child and god knows how many hours of labour .. who gives an absolute toss what he feels about it … when a man can push a child out of the smallest orifice in his body after nurturing it and letting it do untold changes to his body during that time then he may have room to make a comment… having stretch marks isn’t screwing up you absolute toss pot
      Please go educate yourself

    • Steve you’re so ignorant you had to comment here to show us that there IS people like you out there in the world. I wonder if you even read the whole article to come say this preposterous opinion. Humans have bodies and bodies are different. God bless you

    • Her body is definitely about her.. it tells her story.. including the parts where she brought 4 precious lives into this world. Not to mention your not a woman nor have you carried children and seen the “screw up” it can cause to a woman’s body first hand. These “regiments” you speak of do not always work every single body that belongs to a woman is different that what makes us unique. She is sharing this on social media to help other women figure out how to love themselves after bringing life into this world. Especially helping while they’re down.

    • Load of crap. Iv had 4! With my first 2 I was much younger and creamed myself quite a lot. Iv had 2 in the last 3 years. I didn’t use anything once! And I don’t have 1 stretch mark. Definitely can’t tell Iv had 4 children! It’s genetic! How good the elasticity is of your skin is. I’m lucky!

    • STEVE!! I take your a male?! very ignorant one @ that! How dare u come on this article leave such an immature again ignorant comment! Maybe u should go talk to your mommy about woman pregnancy their body hormones & the effects of! from comment U left for all to see for life! U haven’t got a clue! Ea woman’s body is diff. Whether or not she used creams, lotions, oils, gels, massages idk but it dosent always work that way! Not every woman’s skin elasticity snaps back were it was bfor it was stretched out from a human being growing inside for 9mths the bigger the baby, more your stomach skin will stretch & the more xs your pregnant, your skin is stretched the elasticity gets weaker! U get how that works? Ea skin type is diff, ea pregnancy is diff! So pls learn truth bfor u insert your foot in mouth again! Good luck w your journey! try to have some understanding & compassion for women! Grow!

    • Sheer ignorance is thinking your regimen is a magic cure all.. even with body butters vitamin e , excercise , etc the body is going to do what the body does and alter.. And way to show your a shallow know it all about women’s bodies .. *laughs at the real ignorance from steve*

    • When you can grow a human inside your body or deal with the hormones that come with cycles…. Then you have a say. Until then your words are just the temper tantrum of a man child who is unworthy of a say in the matter

    • Wow….dude you are incredibly INSENSATIVE, rude, crude, repugnant and quite frankly, if you are with someone, I can only fathom….not for long.

      You REALLY need to grow up fast.

    • Way to go Steve, you ignorant bast**d! Tell us how many babies did you bring into this world and how many stretch marks do you have? You’re either a single woman hater or your wife/girl friend never plans on having a baby….which is probably a good thing….We need to stop your DNA in its tracks to prevent it from polluting the gene pool. Thank you for your hateful BS comment and KMA.

  35. Outstanding article! Congratulations to this young mom of four who has learned to love herself for WHO she is, not feeling guilty cuz her body isn’t “perfect” Thank you for sharing with us!!!! Love to you and your four greatest blessings!!!!!