Mother’s Park Photo of Daughter Sparks Concern on Facebook

A mother’s park photo of her daughter raises worries among friends and family. Learn more about the concerns.

A mother’s snapshot in the park shows her daughter posing with hands on her waist, puzzling viewers. The girl’s seemingly long, thin legs are merely an optical trick.


Initially perplexing, Twitter users later realized the child held a popcorn bag resembling the grass splotches. The photo went viral on Facebook, amassing 250,000 shares and 37,000 puzzled comments.

The mother’s picture illusion has left most people puzzled, but a few swiftly cracked the answer. Yet, some clung to their initial guesses. We’ve shared a general solution due to the challenge of this viral optical illusion.

mother's photo of daughter

The girl’s oversized popcorn bag blends seamlessly with the dry grass behind her. Can you perceive it? If not, the solution image below will guide you, highlighting the circled popcorn bag in her hand.

Can you perceive it now? All is clear. Likely at a fair with family, parked on grass, her popcorn bag camouflaged with the grass, creating the illusion of thin legs, though her expression seems indifferent.

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