10 Signs Showing Something Is Wrong in Your Body

Ten ways your body is telling you something is wrong

Specialists say there are many signs that your body is showing you to tell something is wrong.
Viral Strange has made a list of these signs to help you prevent any health issues you may encounter on your way.

1. A crawling feeling in your legs

The symptom of restless leg syndrome is a disorder. It gives you the feeling that something is crawling on your legs.

2. Skin thickening

Skin thickening can happen from a hormonal disorder, eczema, or allergies. Always talk to a doctor to understand the condition.

3. A change in handwriting and loss of smell

The slowness of movement, speech, and writing changes can be signs of Parkinson’s disease.

4. Aggressive behavior

Aggressive behavior can be a sign of depression. Researchers say that depression does not always appear with sadness.

5. Sleeping too much

Hypersomnia is a disorder, i.e., sleeping too much. Doctors say that some autoimmune diseases may cause the intense feeling of wanting to sleep anytime and anyplace.

6. Changes in eye color

If you are under 45 years old, a white or grey ring around the cornea of the eyes means you may have high cholesterol.

7. Craving only salty food

According to medical researchers, if you are only craving salty food all the time, it can be a sign of an iron deficiency, anemia, dehydration, or premenstrual syndrome.

8. Fatigue and a low libido


If you experience fatigue and have a low libido most of the time, it can be a sign of a thyroid hormone issue.

9. Feeling thirsty all the time

Feeling thirsty all the time can be connected to your salty food choices, but it can also be a sign of diabetes or pregnancy.

10. The need to chew ice

The need and want to chew ice can signify an iron deficiency or anemia. Take some blood tests to be sure!

Do you know any other symptoms that can tell a lot about your body? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I am 66years old and for the past year, I have notice that my speech is not as it used to be, i dont finish my sentence or its like if i sturted,even a friend of mind notice and my handwriting is bad. I am left handed but I have never had trouble writing like I do now.

  2. Parasites, microscopic organisms, is the leading cause of diseases and illnesses. Most Americans have them and don’t even know it. Western Medicine SUCKS. People staying sick, is a money making industry.

  3. Don’t you alll get it?? They don’t care about us except for election year. So phulese. Our rights can be taken away in what THEY feel is a natural emergency. Let’s not forget the concentration camp for natural born CITIZENS during WW2. I have more but it’s 6am I’m tired.

  4. All of these symptoms can indicate other illnesses as well. For example, sleeping too much can also be a sign of depression. Depression wears you out and makes you feel exhausted, so tired, and drained, and it makes your arms and legs feel like there is lead in them and you can hardly lift a finger, and it makes you super sleepy! They are right that depression is not always sadness!

    • Many ppl think depression is just someone being sad, but it’s so much more than that. Depression is like being trapped in a body whose mind only things sad or negative things about EVERYTHING & just imagine this mind only being able to think. This “Debbie Downer” mind is so disconnected, it can’t even move the body anymore. I’ve been so depressed at times, it would’ve been absolutely delightful to simply be “sad.”

    • I too Have Lupus+ Everyword you Explained of the Feeling of Lupus is So similar to how i try to explain it. So many Symptoms like above +we could say 80% of everyone posted fits into our diease, it’s just to much. People just cant seem to get there head around it The unknown! We Need More Help in the Hospital System, Research+Public Knowledge Especially for Support+ Understanding. Unfortunately over all these years now its attached Many Other diseases to This disease never stops theivieing from Us, i now use a walking frame+am wheelchair, house+mostly bed bound, im 48+feel 90. Long Storey short-“or can there be one with Lupus-?….
      I want to send u much love Everyday, inner Peace+Healing as It’s Definitely A theif of Physical, Mental, Emotional+Spirtual Existence Dailly.
      I Guess we keep praying for if+When they’ll find a Cure Even if its for the next generation. Stay Strong
      Warrior ♡

    • My sister has irritable bowel syndrome. She bloats alot. Could be gas or stuck feces. Have you tried a probiotic? Or a probiotic? Or a colon cleanse. Hope you might have luck with these ideas.

    • It could be a digestive issue, slow emptying of your gut, could be lactose intolerance, or food allergies, even heartburn and GERD can cause bloating. Those would be the easier reasons for it. Now for the ugly possible reasons for it. Ovarian cancer can cause bloating, liver issues, pancreas issues, and colon cancer. Your best bet would be to see a doctor and have them run blood work and other tests. Always better safe than sorry.

  5. I have restless legs and at night it feels like someone is touching my lower legs and feet. If i move them i can feel on the bed like someone is running their hand around trying to find my feet to grab them. I thought i was demonized cause it doesnt let me sleep. I sleep maybe 10 hours a week. The doctor says i have developed ptsd from it.

    • There is medicine over the counter called Restless Leg Syndrome and another one is called Leg Cramps. Also, gabapentin works very well for Restless Legs. And certain medications can make it worse. For example, if I take a Benadryl, my restless leg syndrome gets BAD! I get it in my arms and between my shoulder blades too! It feels like bugs are crawling inside me and I have to shake my arms, legs, and/or shoulder blades every few seconds. It’s a nightmare!

    • Have you tried rubbing something like fisiocream or pain away into your feet and lower legs before bed! I found it quietens my restless legs every night I use it with no side effects.

  6. Feeling thirsty all the time can be connected to diabetes, but most people and healthcare providers think only of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes insipidus is one of the most overlooked syndromes and usually goes undetected and undiagnosed. Diabetes insipidus causes your body to make too much urine due to problems with a chemical called vasopressin (AVP), also known as antidiuretic hormone (ADH). AVP is made in the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary gland until needed. In diabetes insipidus, AVP fails to properly regulate your body’s level of water, and allows too much urine to be produced and passed from your body. Most people make 1-3 quarts of urine a day, but people with diabetes insipidus can make up to 20 quarts of urine a day. They need to urinate often. They also are thirsty and drink water and other liquids in large amounts to make up for fluid lost in urine. See a physician

  7. A ringing in the ears isn’t always caused by tinnitus. It can also be caused by sugar addiction. Also eczema can also be caused by sugar addiction. I know because I am a sugar addict and have cut out most of the sugary sweets in my diet. I still crave them, but my health is more important to me.
    I praise God for giving me His strength and power to stop and give His Son, Christ Jesus all of my problems. The only thing which is still with me is the ringing in my ears and maybe that’s because I waited too long to quit. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but everything else has cleared up.

  8. Thank you for telling these symptomes. I observe many time with my personel experience that if you are feeling that sun heat or high temperature giving you relaxation and you feel more desire to stay at high temperature even in summer, then its a sign of D3 deffeciency.

  9. The past 6 months I have felt tired all the time even though I get plenty of sleep and I’ve been getting swelling on my on my lymph nodes but I’m afraid to go to the doctor a lot of people say I might have a hormone imbalance possibly low testosterone.

  10. Crunching ice was my pregnancy craving when I was having my daughter. I would stand for hours in the kichen cracking the ice tray to get the little slithers of ice that would break off!

  11. Since we arrived in Thailand after a long flight from the UK , I’ve had swollen feet & ankles, a doctor gave me one dose of Laxis & they worked, but after a few weeks it returned & he won’t allow me anymore, I’ve tried raising my feet higher than my head & more exercise it’s been 6 weeks now should I be concerned?

    • I actually went to WebMD and diagnosed myself. You may have blood clot, DVT. Swelling occurred from my knee down in the left leg for almost a year before I got it diagnosis. It was very painful & felt like it had a fever. The doctor said it was probably from years of taking birth control pills, it had been a few years since I’ve taken any…

    • Drink at least two litres a day.Put your feet in the coolest bowl of water you can stand for as long as you can then put them higher than your heart for at least two houses.And in bed if you can to.When you fly long haul,always take a baby Asprin or a half of one.Abd again the next day.And on the way back.But not if you take other meds that may clash with it.

    • First of all, I don’t understand why your doctor won’t give you more lasix.. you need a different doctor. Lasix is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs there is. Mine are always pushing it on me even though I don’t want to take it because it makes me have to urinate all the time. But I had the same issue after getting off a plane and I have never stopped having the swelling. I would really suggest you get a different doctor. At least here in America, they are more than willing to give it to you if you just go to urgent care.

  12. I am ALWAYS so thirsty. I can’t get enough to drink. I am diabetic but my sugar is always ok. So what could it be?!?! I mean I’m going through like gallons a day! That can’t be good!!!!!

    • Yes I have that going on too I had hepatitis c now I have cirrhosis of the liver I swell ankles feet belly all over I used to have to get a paratisis done weekly my liver doesn’t break down the toxins so I have a tip in my liver and I’m soppse to have three bowl movement a day when I don’t My ammonia levels go high and I lose continuous and have to go to hospital it’s a scary illness I don’t wish this disease on anyone it’s scary I’m on liver transplant going on two years I pray that I get one asap cause feeling this way is miserable I’m only 43 I want to live longer grow old it’s a tough battle to have and live and thank the Lord above for everything and every Day I wake up knowing I have this deadly disease I will fight too the end I’ll never stop giving up in a fighter not a failure so praise to Jesus everyday for ur life and every breath you breathe you never know what tomo

  13. I went a few years with the ice issue. Thought maybe was dehydrated, at worse. But when I started to be unable to sit up or walk even to the restroom something was wrong. By time I got carried in to the ER. My blood count was at a 4. (Average is around 12 I think). Now if I get that crunching on the ice need, I know I better go in for a blood draw and iron level checkup

  14. Craving salty food could end up adrenal disease I.e adisons disease it’s how I was diagnosed after having an actual adrenal insufficiency and had a adrenal crisis full blown fit it’s very serious and needs a lot of medication to keep healthy

  15. Hi my problem is the restless legs during day-time my left legs is painful then at night time i felt crawling or tingling from my legs up to my private part. I dont why it bithers me so much.. i need somebody who can till me why and give me some advice. Thank you and God bless us

    • Hi maria, I suffered for years with restless legs, I started taking magnesium tablets and made sure I drank plenty of water and I can’t remember the Last time i had restless legs xx

    • Look at what you are doing at the times this feeling starts, ie have you been sitting/ standing/ laying a certain way for extended periods, there may be a position you are in that is restricting the blood flow to your leg, a bit like when a limb goes numb and it takes a while for the blood and nerves to start working, if this is happening everyday, go to see a doctor

    • Try taking a magnesium supplement, it often helps control restless less syndrome symptoms. There’s also a magnesium spray that you can rub into your legs that gives some relief. I’ve had rls since being a small child, it eased off in my teens but come back with a vengeance in my late 20s.

  16. I am a diabetic, my blood pressure has always been a lil high, my blood sugar varies. Could be great for a few days & then go really low. Feels like I am drunk & I want to sleep sometimes. Thats when I know my sugar is low. I don’t take meds to help control my diabetes

    • I’m just finding out I’m diabetic and I’m on meds.. How do you control your diabetes without meds? I’m tired of taking a lot of pills. Been taking meds for high bp since I was 25 I also have high cholesterol, low potassium and now this.. I’m tired of taking pills

      • Raw tumeric ginger and lemon juice in a blender with about 16 onces of water in the morning and before bed and exercise daily turmeric and ginger is very good for high blood pressure and it helps lower cholesterol and keep sugar regulated by helping the pancreas work which usually malfunctions due to high blood pressure and cholesterol the lemon helps burn belly fat turmeric and ginger is also good for inflammation as well as a host of many other things look up turmeric and ginger benefits hope this helps anyone with diabetes who thinks it’s not reversible raw beets juiced daily helps clean the blood of fat metals and impurities

  17. There are 2 another reasons for craving “Salty food”, and both could cause more problems possibly serious problems if not tended to.
    I am speaking from experience ‘ I happened to have suffered from both of these at different times in my life ‘
    1. Low Blood Pressure ‘ If you’re like myself ‘ and have low BP’ you’ll find you may crave salt as warning ⚠️ sign ‘ your BP is getting to low’ If you have this issue ‘ it’s Best to carry snacks with you ” like peanut butter crackers or hard pretzels ‘ if you feel your BP is dropping” or get the warning ⚠️ craving ‘ these snacks Will temporarily hold you over till you get something healthier to eat ‘ I passed out 1 time when I was 25 ‘ due to low’BP’ my pressure was so low ‘ that when I came to ‘ at the hospital: I was tilted head down 👇 and feet up in a hospital bed ” this was to help quickly raise my BP as it was dangerously low ‘ in the low 70’s dangerous.When I recovered and visited my family Dr ‘ he told me to carry snacks with me, not Candy but snacks and to be sure to stay hydrated , I haven’t passed out since and I’m 53.
    2 Adrenal Fatigue – After craving salt 🧂 for sometime ‘ my friend said she seen an article about such a thing in one of her Woman’s Day’s magazines ‘ so I went searching thru her whole collection,I had to find it’ I was going mad ‘ I knew it wasn’t my blood pressure, cause I had eaten a hoagie which is full of salt 🧂 but still was severely craving salt ” After an hr,I found it, I read it and sure enough ‘ it said craving salt was one of the symptoms for Adrenal Fatigue ‘ then it gave some suggestion, ( Adrenals pump out adrenaline when the body senses fear or danger ⚡ but if you’ suffer anxiety or PTSD and go into*, fight or flight response alot ‘ the adrenal glands get over worked) some suggestions for combating this besides dealing with your anxiety and or PTSD’ are Greens like spinach and kale fresh of course,The supplement Korean Ginseng and a special fish,I forget exactly maybe tuna? Fresh fish 🐠: I got the Korean Ginseng and added extra greens and it worked almost immediately, ad well as dealt with my PTSD, you’ll know if it’s your Adrenals the craving for salt is overwhelming,the tip of your tongue is literally craving salt…

    • It’s strange you should say that because I’ve always craved salt and have very low blood pressure . Plenty of water I find keeps it from dropping dangerously low.

    • What does it mean 🤔, IF?, Your an 85 Year old Lady, whom is already on Dialysis three times a week and all of a sudden?!?…, You’re lamb’s are Sooo very weak?!, that You can’t even make it up about 4 —>5 stair’s??…, and Your trying to ✍️ write, just “anything?!?”, and become VERY , very Frustrated 😠, because your Own ✋️ 🤚 Hand’s JUST Don’t want to work 🙄 properly, No more 😢, and You KNOW It’s breaking Your Heart as well as Your Family’s Heart 💔 😢 😞, but feel like 💔 Noooo body Understands exactly “what!?”, you’re going through?….