7 Simple Ways To Recognize Possible Body Issues

Simple tricks to understand if there is something in your body to be cautious about

Different people have different reactions to things. However, since our bodies are a complex system, one thing might be related to another. Hence, some signs can show us possible health issues.

Viral Strange has compiled a list of signs that might help you understand your body more.

1. Horizontal lines on your neck

Deep neck wrinkles might indicate that the bones are becoming less dense. To avoid osteoporosis in the future, get calcium and vitamin D supplements.

On the other hand, deep neck wrinkles alongside flaky skin can also be a sign of thyroid-related issues.

2. Hair porosity

To check your hair porosity, drop a strand of hair in a glass of water. The hair porosity is high if the strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, meaning that your hair absorbs the products quickly.

And because it might be highly porous, it may not be able to retain moisture. In this case, you should use products that have “heavy” ingredients, such as oils or kinds of butter.

3. Ulcers on your mouth

Smoking, allergies, and inflammation are the most common reasons for an ulcer to show up.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing fatigue, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness, you should check your diet. You might need a boost of vitamin B12, iron, or folate!

4. Peeling nails and cuticles

Peeling nails and cuticles are a sign of iron deficiency. On the other hand, the underactive thyroid, lung disease, or kidney disease might be the cause. Keep up with an iron-rich diet!

The white spots on nails might indicate allergies, fungal infection, or mineral deficiency. In case of a mineral deficiency, do a blood test! Also, try to add zinc and calcium to your diet.

5. Cracked heels

People get cracked heels because of dry skin, cold weather, or standing all day long. However, cracked heels can also indicate the presence of eczema, hypothyroidism, or diabetes.

Soak your legs in soapy water for 20 minutes and scrub them with a pumice stone before applying a heavy moisturizer. If home treatments aren’t working, see a doctor.

6. Redness around the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead

People with fair skin are more likely to have red skin around the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. If you experience flushing and persistent redness, you might have rosacea.

See a dermatologist and get the necessary treatment which usually includes oral medicines.

7. Swollen eyes

Overconsumption of salt can lead to swollen eyes. This happens because the water gets trapped in the area. Increase your potassium intake and cut the salty food.

You may use cold compresses and tea bags to treat it at home. However, if it doesn’t go away, see a doctor and start treating your problem!

Have you encountered any of these signs in your body? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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  1. Hi I Have a few Health problems and I am disabledand I am also now a older lady but my question is for a few months now moles started to appear quite a few of them on my back sometimes they can be itchy they are the size of a five pence piece can you tell me why they would suddenly appear please.

  2. Very interesting ideas, since, they come, from, médical stuff. Nevertheless, advising freely, are, always useful, for everybody, thank you, for, your kind assistance, and clearing, some health paths,.

    • This is a informative site. Lots I wasn’t aware of.
      I’m 57, dark haired & since starting menopause have increased growth of facial hair! The growth on legs & underarms much less hair.
      Why is this & what can be done except laser as too expensive! Plz help if you can.

      • I have that too. It has to do with your hormone balances. have your Gynecologist check your hormone levels I think your Doctor can do that. I usually just sit in front of my makeup mirror and tweeze out the hairs on my chin. I have always had facial hair on my upper lip so I just use wax stripes on that. My leg and under arm hair has minomixed especially my underarm. I am waiting on test answers myself. hope this helps you

    • Could be insulin resistance and not diabetes if you are gaining weight and can’t lose it. Have your pancreas tested c-peptide protein test. If high insulin resistance mean pancreas not working properly and it is turning carbohydrates even from fruits and veggies into fat