Liver Damage: Sugar Harms as Much as Alcohol

Discover how sugar inflicts liver damage comparable to alcohol. Learn more about this concerning connection.

Liver damage is highlighted in a recent video by “What I’ve Learned” on YouTube, demonstrating the comparable detrimental impact of sugar and alcohol on the liver. The insightful clip delves into the body’s sugar metabolism and uncovers lesser-known facts about their connection to the liver.

Liver Damage
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Numerous contentious studies and papers by experts suggest that sugar’s impact on global health is substantial enough to warrant regulation similar to alcohol. Just like alcohol, sugar is primarily metabolized in the liver, and its regular consumption can contribute to chronic health issues like diabetes and heart disease over time.

“Okay, now you wouldn’t think twice about not giving your kid a Budweiser. But you don’t think twice about giving your kid a can of Coke. But they’re the same,” says Robert Lustig, a scientists. “Sugar is a poison, it is a chronic, dose-dependent hepato-liver toxin.”

In the video, the host provides a detailed breakdown of sugar metabolism and its detrimental impact on health. Starting with a concise explanation, he vividly illustrates the journey of glucose through our cells, unraveling the reasons behind the numerous health issues it triggers.

Similar to alcohol, only a fraction of the glucose you consume reaches your liver, with the rest metabolized by other cells. However, the key distinction is that the liver faces a greater processing burden with ethanol, as 80% of it passes through the liver.

Liver Damage
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While delving deep into the biology of sugar and alcohol, the video consistently emphasizes its central point. Renowned experts, including Robert Lustig, assert that sugar’s harm rivals that of alcohol and cigarettes. They advocate holding the food industry accountable through strict sugar quantity regulations, without advocating for an outright ban.

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In his closing remarks, he emphasizes the pervasive influence of sugar culture, deeply ingrained in young minds from an early age: “The average American child sees 30,000 TV commercials a year advertising fast food or candy. While something like kid beer sounds evil, maybe it’s not all that different from these fun, colorful sugar-packed items kids have access to wherever they go.”

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