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    How Fast Our Body Digest Different Foods

    The process of digestion in losing weight is very important because as we know, our health depends on what we eat. It is important to know that precise digestion time depends on many factors like general physical health, your metabolism or age, and even gender because women tend to have a slower metabolism than men, […] More

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    Things You Can Do To Prevent Wet Bed From Your Kids

    Wet bed is a habit that can start from early age (4-7) years old and sometimes in rare occasions also in adults but under a medical condition. In children’s even if it is fully trained this still might happen and it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry to much for it. We […] More

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    7 Life Hacks That Will Refresh Your Body

    It’s undeniable that we feel tired and our body feel bored and tired over time and this can easily reflect on our appearance and our performance, these are our top 7 picks to make you fill refreshed and make you feel new: 1- Use Apple & Strawberry and Orange to whiten your teeth. It’s undeniable […] More

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    8 Things That You Need to Do During Her Period

    One of the worst days of a girl’s life is during her period. Her emotions are raging because of her hormones. She gets upset easily because of the pain that she is going through. Her mood swings are on a whole new level because of it. What do you have to do when she is […] More